Pakistan Government And Afghan Dialogue

It is the view of our senior leaders from the opposition that Government ministers should be careful while having a reconciliation with the Afghan Taliban. At the same time, Pakistani Government ministers should also not offend the government in Kabul.

How can trust be improved between Pakistan and Afghanistan ?

  • It can be through practical steps that this trust deficit right between Pakistan and Afghanistan can be removed.
  • Use of statements cannot work to improve this trust factor between two countries.
  • Track 1.5/II Dialogue` has been inaugurated recently would also reap benefits for them. It is a positive initiative that has been launched jointly by two think tanks. They are Center of Research and Security Studies (CRSS) of Islamabad and also DURAN Research of Kabul. This dialogue will be able to engage the Afghan Taliban so that peace can be brought to the region through a dialogue process.
  • To carry out the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-PakistanIndia (Tapi) gas pipeline, Pakistan should be discussing the security proposals with the Afghan Taliban. As we have seen that this project has been upsetting the Kabul government.
  • We should not be interfering in any of the country`s internal issues. The kind of impression that Pakistan is giving while interfering in the issues of Afghanistan. This type of impression should be changed by now.
  • The youth of Afghanistan also does not have positive image of Pakistan in their minds. As they have been getting reports that Taliban hold and conduct their meetings in Pakistan. It was also reported to youth that Mullah Omar died in Karachi. So this mindset of Youth of Afghanistan against Pakistan needs to be changed.

My View

We should be understanding that  peace in Afghanistan is the key to peace in Pakistan. We should now be making efforts to complete this objective. Afghanistan people deserve peace and Pakistan should now be taken out from this terrorism issue. We have lost more than 60,000 people in Pakistan. We have seen losses of over $100 billion worth. We have to work together so that we can have peace and security in both of the regions.

People of Pakistan and also Afghanistan are in need to have a bilateral relationship which is fully loaded with trust. We have to work sincerely work towards this goal.  Cooperation needs to be shown by the Government of Pakistan. We hope that both the governement will now be taking some meaningful actions so that they can have better bi-lateral relations.


DAWN Newspaper 13/01/2016