Afghanistan Assignment

August-2015- Taliban Continued to Attacks at NATO police training camps as usual through the series of killing scheme. Mullah Akhtar Mansour is now complicated choice as leadership for Taliban after Mullah Omer’ death was confirmed by security forces and Taliban as well.

Taste of History

    • The History of Afghanistan, when British invasion was happened, is not separate from the contemporary fear, the fear from Russian Empire of British empire.
    • The purpose of invasion of Britain in Afghanistan was not about the conquest of Kabul but the reality that Russian Empire was expanding at that time and should be tackled with the iron hand.

  • Tsar Nicholas, lived in St. Petersburg, was the main reason of conflict and the implicit tussle of Britain and Russian was observed in Kabul grounds.
  • Such inculcation of so called fear of Britain about Russian was the main source of conflict at that time and Afghanistan come under the influence.
  • In 1830s the relations got the fire again and the exaggeration of those strained relations poured upon the barren land of Afghanistan.
  • The Tsar Nicholas 1, who was come to the throne in 1825, was the main source of conflict for the Britain and Britain felt hostile from his regime.
  • The policy of expansion that was adopted by the Tsar Nicholas was the southward expansion.
  • The closest relationship between Russian and Dost Mohammad further exaggerate situation of the region.
  • The British empire was pursuit for the separation of Russian and Dost Muhammad in all aspects.
  • During that time of tensions, Alexander Burnes, warned Dost Muhammad about the situation and negates the any deal with the Russian in clear words.
  • The term of shah Shujah was 1803-1809 and that term was the combined package of British and Sikhs.
  • Lord Auckland decided to trap Dost Muhammad in his own territories and the plan was successful with indirect entrance rather than the Khyber pass

Overview of 1837

Sir Aleander Burnes arrived Kabul and the arrival was not the abrupt decision. The history told about inculcation of interest in his mind about the geography of central Asia, during the officer job in the northwest India at that time.

Afghanistan Assignment


The insurgency mindset has been inculcating since the 18th century and the insurgency was happened with few coup like situation. The Afghanistan was seriously tackled among the two mindsets; one is about the conservative mindset that was come when the Afghanistan renamed as the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA). The Islamic radicalization begins after amalgamation of these two type of mindsets. The DAR was made at that time without taking the consent of people. The days of the history are still fresh in the minds of Afghanistan that how the Afghanistan’s grounds observed the killing of American’s ambassador after the invasion of USSR in country in 1978.

The process of penetration that was end in the last days of 1978 constitutes the prove that how the USSR got its hidden agenda on plans of Afghanistan in the way as it wants to. The game is not end there with the American and the President Nur Mohammad Taraki has been killed at that time as well after the reckless killing of America’s entity. Now the days of Hafizullah Amin has come in real times and the DRA leadership is no more vacant in any aspect during the September of 1979. In the last month of 1979, the political worth got another strike on governmental institutions when the Amin got a secret meeting with the US diplomats and the agenda of the meeting is still not disclosed. The other threat has been felt with the Iranian-style Islamist revolution. This insurgency has been increased when the Soviet defense ministry meet with the consensus that the Soveit should involved its troops in the widening insurgencies in the region that would be disrupted in several aspects.

The mujaheddin of that time got the support from triangle at vast level and triangle was completed at that time when the US, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia gives the support to the Mujaheddin at Afghanistan’s grounds in response to the Soviet forces, so that the mindset of Soviet forces can be alter in reality. The support by three biggest nations was identified as the main source of money and arms that was suitable for all three nations simultaneously. The nations was satisfied to fight in hidden fight at Afghanistan’s grounds art any cost. The three-nation agenda was there to counter the 80,000 personnel of Soviet was almost done accurately and the successful nations got the benefits at individual level against this collectively approach against the biggest was endorser at that time. Moscow Olympics boycott was the sign that the diplomatic relations were at stack and almost diminished for the rest of the world.

After the vast conflicts, the United Nations reminds its role of peace establishing and against that plan of action, the UN decided to call for withdrawal of Soviet forces from grounds. The boots were almost diminishing moment by moment from the soils of Afghanistan and the day comes when the Afghanistan was supposed as the barren land from the Soviet boots in reality. Then again the Soviet was ready to withdraw the troops but in different and bloodiest way. The history reminds the 1985 as the most reckless year in the history of the Afghanistan and forces left the region but in very disrupted way. The displaced persons of Afghanistan identified the Pakistan and Iran as the most suitable and nearby places to live in those circumstances.

The year of 1986 observed that the US’s continuous support was intensified with that decision of Soviet and the most disruptive missiles were seen at that time on the soils of Afghanistan. Mohammed Najibullah was considered as the best place filler after the Karmal under the leadership. The four parties were involved in the accord that actually leaded them towards the smoothest way to resolved the conflict. The DRA, USSR, US and Pakistan are the four sides of the accord that was the most important agreement to resolve the conflict in central Asia. The troops were polling out when the accord get in action in reality. Therefore, unlike the 1985, the year of 1988 was the peace year and conflicts were almost none at grounds of Afghanistan.

The final departure plan was executed by the soviet forces on 15 February 1989 after the loss of about one million Afghans and about 13 thousand troops of most powerful army of that time. As the matter of fact, the mujahedeen was not ready to bear to Mohammed Najibullah. and civil war has been started after the troops withdrawal. Then the Mohammed Najibullah. was finally have no link with government with the start of 1992.

After the knock down of aforesaid reckless personality in the history of Afghanistan, the civil war had continued and there was no solutions to this reckless agenda even after the mild effects of cold then. After four year, the creation of new manifesto was confirmed because people starts getting close to each other in the form of radical Islam that has no connection with the real Islam indeed. The exploitation was visible further when  the Taliban comes out and banned the women from working in 1996.

Unfortunately, the wrong decision was made by the neighbor country, Pakistan in that already reckless situation by giving the consent to this group and the same wrong step by the Saudi Arabia in 1997. The two third majority had been achieved by the Taliban now, unfortunately at wrong stance as the history proves.

The United States is not far away from these radicals and their manifesto to disrupt the whole western nations and finally , US had launched the war planes on the soils of Afghanistan in 1998.

The 1999 was the year when the United Nations becomes active against the Afghanistan and its imposes several financial sanctions so that the recovery of Osama bin Laden could be ensured in any way.

The sad story continued in the 2001 when in September the main opposition to Taliban named as Ahmad Shah Masood had been assassinated with immediate effects.

The October 2001 was another hallmark in the story when the forces in the north of Afghanistan comes and entered in the Kabul against Taliban after the severe attack in United States in September and Hamid Karzai  has chosen as the best solution against the  recent problem of Taliban.

 After the interim government in 2001, the Nato-led forces had come and these forces further exploit the soils of Afghanistan indeed. The ISAF that means that the International Security Assistance forces had arrived in the region and these forces were now have the objective to remove militants.

The return of former King Zahir Shah in 2002 was considered as the normal thing for region because he did not claim the authority anymore. The Loya Jirga in June 2002 also reinforce the decision and Hamid Karzai becomes the head of state for interim governance indeed. The historical or newest step was taken in 2003 when teh security control was entirely held by Nato and such control was the first ever operation access of security forces first time beyond the Europe.

The start of 2004 provided as the platform to think about the election in area and the new constitution had established with enormous consent. The popularity of Hamid Karzai was at heights and winner as expected. Parliament open for voting in 2005 after about 30 years of consistent separation.

The neighboring countries were under pressure from Afghanistan soils in 2008 because the month of June was the month when President Karzai warns to send troops if there is no limitation of militants network in Pakistan and Indian embassy was also attacked left 50 people died. The move of “quiet surge” was observed under the US leadership of US president George Bush and about 4500 troops started another chapter of killings in region.

After the said story in 2008, another chapter named as the greatest test by then US defense Secretary who was Robert Gates at that time, in 2009 and situations becomes worst again. The dispatch decision of about 17000 extra troops from Afghanistan ignites the demands of military and other commitments as well that is proved as disrupted in the way.

The mild approach was being observed under the leadership of Brack Obama for region was to train the army and police so that the civil development could be ensured. Another 30,000 troops that makes the total about 100,000 troops with the agenda to come back in 2011 was placed in December 2009 by the decision made by congress. The response of US base attack in Khost was initiated in the form of Operation Moshtarak.

The operation is believe to continue with mild approach but Karzai accuses that the security firms are not getting the appropriate manner to do such security concerns as they believe to do. In 2010, NATO finally planned to end attacks and decided to transform security authority to security forces of Afghan. In 2011, the first visit of Karzai to Russia since 1989 made a situation further at rigid way.

The rights monitor in Afghanistan analyzed that the most of civilians are being killed in 2010 after the inclusion of US and NATO forces in the region. In Oct 2011, the serious attacks by militants as usually, made the situation worse than ever with neighbors and particularly with Pakistan only.

In the last months of 2011, a military pact has been signed among the US military and Jirga that troops could remained after 2014 as well. The Pakistan and Taliban, both did not attend Bonn Conference on Afghanistan because Pakistani soldiers had been killed by NATO forces.

The Taliban finally established office in other country so that the exploration of mid way could be justified among the three patties one is Taliban and other are forces of Afghanistan and US in 2012. The incident in the same year after the positive signs from Taliban caught the fire that American soldier burning the Quran and they refused that that is not a Quran instead a hate speeches. The wide range protest against this incident left 30 died and two soldiers had been killed. The first attack at diplomatic building being termed as the “spring Offensive” that is beyond the expectation of any parties interested in soil.

In the mid of 2012, after the military pact in such way NATO withdrawal plan further grasp the attention of the parties, After the selection of year 2014 as the withdrawal but in real the Francois Hollande issued notice to withdrawal before a year in 2012. The conspiracy in murder of Arsala Rahmani is being symbol as light of peace and that light is being finished now. After the mild approach of US army at Afghanistan, soon the situation was being stabilized in the region in which the Bargam high-security jail authority transfer is glaring one.

The peace pact among the Asif Ali Zardari and President Karzai is another hallmark in the history that instilled the peace in the region. The Taliban were welcomed to join the peace talk for the sake of region. The Kabul bank chiefs exploited the further economic crises of 2010 in Afghanistan by illegal activities and these accused were caught by the Afghan government in 2013.

Another game changing event, killing of 13 foreign diplomats, was observed by the nation that further served as the reason for war. In September 2014, an election deal had signed in which the Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani signed a power sharing pact that believed to provides a light of peace in the region as well. After the election the western forces were forced to end 13 year combat operations ideologically in Afghanistan.

In 2015 January, about 12000 personnel, Resolute Support, are being present in the country after the formally end for the sake of training of Afghan army to protect the civilians. The request to delay the withdrawal the US forces were being made by the Aghan government for peace sustainability in march 2015. The same moth was also termed as the right of women in Afghanistan when the women accused of burning Quran in wrong stance by the militants.

The first time in May 2015, the Afghan and Taliban administration hold an informal talks at Qatar without any fruitful outcome because the main agenda of Taliban is to remove western forces from region. In the same month, the four men received death sentences over the killing of woman without any evidence that she burned the Quran.