Status Of Women’s Health In Pakistan

According to report that was issued by the Pakistan policy institute (PPI) in the last months of 2014, the health care system of Pakistan is about to collapsed and did not show any intention to improve in any aspect in the whole year. The health scare sector of Pakistan has never been a priority at state level and never discussed at any debate agenda so far. In 2014 analysis, report said in the conclusive mode that the Pakistan has the weakest health care system in south Asia and state run hospitals are not moving towards achieving the best goal as it have to achieve. The achievement of health care is the greatest risk to the whole system and still the women is the main victim of this reckless system. (Ahmed, 2014)

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Women Health Issues And Their Repercussions In Pakistan

Women Health Issues

According to Dr. Zareef Khan, Deputy coordinator of health work program of Pakistan in 1994, said at that time that Pakistan’ intention and Pakistan’ health care system can never tackle the issues of population leaving in the rural areas and in those areas the health care unit is about seven kilometer away averagely. This is the fact that the same kind of issues are currently prevailing in the health sector and the main victim of this negligence are women, if one can say coherently. (, 2015)

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