Pakistan Afghan Peace Talks

Afghan reconciliation program is a huge perspective in detail that can show what is exactly known as best way to show understanding between south Asian countries. The understanding between Pakistan and Afghanistan was entirely depends upon way adopted by both nations and United States coloration in matter.

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Afghanistan Assignment

August-2015- Taliban Continued to Attacks at NATO police training camps as usual through the series of killing scheme. Mullah Akhtar Mansour is now complicated choice as leadership for Taliban after Mullah Omer’ death was confirmed by security forces and Taliban as well.

Taste of History

  • The History of Afghanistan, when British invasion was happened, is not separate from the contemporary fear, the fear from Russian Empire of British empire.
  • The purpose of invasion of Britain in Afghanistan was not about the conquest of Kabul but the reality that Russian Empire was expanding at that time and should be tackled with the iron hand.

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