Role Of Bureaucracy In Pakistan Political Non Political In Urdu

One often listen the statement that politics is deadly game with no heart and emotions at all. The first time one has same remarks about the Role of Bureaucracy in Pakistan. There is none in shape of heart and emotions if one talks about the bureaucracy in Pakistan specifically its political role. There is no one who can speak about the role of bureaucracy in Pakistan in same manner and state as it is in reality. Adnan Randwa was looking in nowhere state when he spoke about Role of Bureaucracy in DAWN publications. Randwa is freelance writer and linked the same state with media as well.

Role Of Bureaucracy In Pakistan Political Non Political In Urdu

He raised his voice that negative talks about media cannot tolerate in same manners as bureaucracy in Pakistan. He gave an example that Media is there to put neutral viewpoint about anything happening in Pakistan in front of Pakistan’ population but when someone in same population raises his voice against Media (negative role) would not spare at any cost. After reading the same article written by Randawa one has observed that Politicians in Pakistan were not left from eye of critic. He laid his attention towards politicians and proved that same kind of criticism never hurts Politicians in Pakistan.

Now there were three big pillers one can see while reading that article. One about Role of Bureaucracy in Pakistan, media role in Pakistan and politicians influence in Pakistan. One cannot control his mind not to laugh at that moment when Randawa Speaks about the concept of Black sheep in Pakistan. He made request to Urdu administration generally to remove the word “Kali Bahran” black Sheep because now the situations is entirely different from Past.

He perceived that there may be one of two corrupt persons in past but now there are lots of people with the same title and no one there to blame on them. Pakistan is glaring example of such place where the concept of black sheep cannot apply because if someone apply then who is going to blame? A new word added to my dictionary after reading that article was the white sheep termed for politicians, media and Bureaucracy in Pakistan.