Nature And Significance Of Administrative Law

We have seen that this new and latest branch of a law named as Administrative Law is growing and expanding day by day. Its significance and importance cannot be neglected now. This branch of law has been witnessing massive and rapid growth because of the number of factors. In this 21st century, this law branch has gained its own place and status.

Significance of Administrative Law

  • It is because of the changed relations of these authorities with citizens that this branch of law is growing rapidly. Now, the citizens are directly involved and taking an interest in the administration affairs of their society. In the old days, citizens were used to be isolated from the administrative sector but now with the induction of this Administrative Law, citizens have become the part of their administrative affairs.

Nature And Significance Of Administrative Law

  • There was a need to introduce this Administrative Law because the legislations were quite and much inadequate. We have been seeing many of the drawbacks and defects in our current legislations and these defects can be corrected if Administrative Law will be made operational. We need to meet up these expanding needs of economics and social world and this needs can be fulfilled if this administrative machinery will be set up in the form of Administrative Law.
  • This Administrative Law has now been introduced in our societies because of the inadequacy of these courts. We have seen that our courts have been hugely and massively burdened with their tasks. They have been crowded and surrounded with lots of problems. So, to deal with the administrative problems and issues, we need to have a separate branch of law, that is why we have this Administrative Law working in our societies and communities.

If we want our judicial powers to keep on working in a smoother manner then this Administrative Law should be working side by side of it. These days we have these legislative and Executive and also Judiciary powers working in their own manner. But for their proper co-ordination, the need of Administrative Law induction is the need of the time.