A New Division for Facebook Business Analysis, Business Plans, Business Writing, Report Writing, Research Writing

A New Division for Facebook

Business is the absolute reality, and its linkage with technology hub (Facebook) would be a new achievement.  Business activity through the trusted platform is always being preferred for companies and customers. Companies are producing high demanding products and capable of luring customers. The vision of E-commerce integrated Facebook can obtain the same status of allurement.  Under this concept, customers who wish to purchase the desired product can attain that with a single click on Facebook. Such model of peculiar online shopping is the innovative approach for customers and businesses. A New Division for Facebook Business Analysis, Business Plans, Business Writing, Report Writing, Research Writing

Strategic plan part 1

New Business Division of Facebook

Most of the companies are looking for the innovative business ideas such as; linking images with the e-commerce. Before moving ahead with this prospective idea and new business division for Facebook, one would like to discuss the salient trend in this regard. For instance, if one is a fan of Mark Zuckerberg wants to buy a casual shirt of exactly same design and brand then no one can guide him except a designer. To fill the gap, the suggested innovation would be a great business in future. Shirts producing companies are spending much in the name of advertising through TVCs and social media campaigns. On the contrary, the same shirt from the same company will be captioned “wants to buy” under the picture. Thus, it would be a huge marketplace particularly serving the audience. Mark Zuckerberg’ shirt would be worth wearable and easily purchasable under this new e-commerce idea. Then there will be no need to approach brands separately in physical stores. About billions of people using Facebook can be considered as market and would be the potential customers.


“To Integrate the Facebook and E-Commerce Business at One platform.”


“To connect world easily by creating easiness for customers in the form of online shopping on Facebook.”

Value Proposition

Welcome to E-Commerce integrated Facebook where we provide our audience an advance purchasing technique by a single click being shown below the picture. It is the innovative approach for those who want to adopt ideal lifestyle and wearing their favorite models. For businesses, it is cost cutting edge for their gigantic advertising plans to sell their products. Every customer would retain in such way because it is a win-win approach for the customer and business by using just a single platform. Facebook is providing ways to connect businesses with people which is easy for the successful approach.

Strategic plan part 2

SWOT Analysis – Internal and External Environmental Analysis

Internal Analysis


  • Trade associations would love this division because it directly deals with the customer not by using through different unreliable online shopping websites which are the huge blunder in the society.
  • Markets have various offerings and product division for customers which makes all this as tough as it should not be. Rather, the innovative way of purchasing the selected items can fill up this gap and create the association with the trade market on realistic grounds.
  • Resource-based view also endorses the innovation because Facebook is more than any country in this world. It is such a huge market segment which may endorse any product success in few hours. The success of any product when it market at this platform can create the gap. Such a huge market itself an empirical indicator that innovation selected in this strategic plan would be successful in future (Chen, Pan, & Ouyang, 2014).


  • The informal organizational culture of Facebook can create threats for those trading companies wants to do business with formal settings and only inherent to work in formal understanding only.
  • Working from home is another indicator for trading companies if Facebook wants to initiate e-commerce innovation at the point. Collective commitments from both sides are important to review according to the objective setting aspect.

External Analysis


  • The reliable and consistent product wise online shopping is a huge gap which needs to fill up. The approach of e-commerce is limited to select a product by any company and pay with the Card to get it to the physical address. There is no venture still in this competitive market offering selected e-commerce option for many products at one platform like Facebook. The level of disposable income is high in the society which makes this innovation in working condition.
  • The supplier’s attractive option if such innovation got at the realistic approach. They did not need huge advertising budget to get the orders from the market. They are going to retain the customer base which is excellent in approach and consistent in a division. Even distributors may feel safe while working with the Facebook because it is trusted and widely used source of information.
  • The social factor is attached to the business division remained as the opportunity for the Facebook visitors. Every visitor of this platform will get the link to buying products showing in the form of the picture. It is the advanced phase of the traditional concept of advertising through the hero of nation and showbiz personalities.


  • Online websites, physical stores, and companies depend upon the walk-in customers would be a threat for this e-commerce integrated Facebook if adopting the innovation.
  • Labor unions of physical stores, employee’s jobs in physical stores for shopping can create the threat for this new division to Facebook because it happened in the national environment so far.

Primary Internal Considerations for the Development of a Strategic Plan

Facebook knows how to respond to the individual community in massive approach. For instance, e-commerce integrated Facebook would be market and possible to trade the product to a specific community only. Trading would consider the values, beliefs, and myths at the point which consider as the best way out for the individual success. Cultural products advertising would help the organization to apply the innovative plan in the market successfully. The strategic plan considers the internal consideration at the peak because it is all about the way forward to know that how everything is going to create the issuance at the cost of community choices (Chen, Pan, & Ouyang, 2014).

Strategic plan part 3

Assumptions, Risk and Change Management Plan

Change management plan considers the innovation under the financial versus strategic objectives because financially Facebook integrate the e-commerce by direct getting huge cash from customers. Strategically, it is the best division of the Facebook which first time considers the purchasing element with the casual visit as well. It is assumed that market would grow further because it is all about best represents the technological leadership because e-commerce approval is best to the crucial decisions. It is assumed that it can increase the form competitiveness under the market strength as best as it should be while getting sustained approach for shopping. Retailers will be in big trouble if they fail to proceed with their online shopping system. The user stays at shopping websites can create another risk which can manage by agreement. Mutual understanding and free product promotion plan can create the trustworthy business community with e-commerce integrated Facebook (David & David, 2016).

Summary of Strategic Objectives

Strategically, it is important for Facebook to introduce the new division to its network before it is too bore to use. The new division selected in this proposal considers the financial objective of maintaining a huge market of purchasers as well as strategically it endorses the societal trend of getting the wanted products in no time. The objective is to integrate the existed resources of a company with the strong research and development for the new marketplace. The second it would be the best visitor relations as good as possible(Lu & Liu, 2015).

Corporate Social Responsibility: Balanced Score Card and its impact on stakeholders

The social needs fulfillment is the first and foremost CSR approach mostly adopted by many companies. The CSR approach in the informal organizational culture would be easy to implement because it is all about the way out to judge that how it would go to take financial approach further. The social needs fulfill under this approach because it is all about the way which perfectly meets the requirements of the society. Stakeholders would be happy to know that they would get the historical link between the financial and strategic settings by adopting this innovation(Chen, Pan, & Ouyang, 2014).

The Communication Plan

Now every visitor on Facebook can get the awareness about the displayed products. Every paid and free advertising would lead customers towards the purchase link and aware of the online shopping. It is all covered under the communication plan which is all about the way out how to proceed in the controlled environment.

Strategies and tactics section

E-Commerce integrated Facebook needs the strategies and tactic which develop the product according to the customer easiness and acceptance of the product. The shared values monitoring would be the first tactic will use by this division. It is necessary to step for the strategy evaluation to know that how every community would be the target of e-commerce by giving the centered cultural products only. Trading with other companies is the next door approach to know that how everything is possible under the same approach of the value addition. The last strategy is to eradicate the disarray between the wants and demands of the customers (Chen, Pan, & Ouyang, 2014).


In a nutshell, one would like to say that after the implementation of suggested division on Facebook, every visitor will keep intact with such idea. The new division recommended the cultural-centric offerings because trading a product in one culture outlawed from selling in another. The huge span of distributors is needed for the strategy implementation which demands the consistent approach of companies wants to market products.



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