Brand Market Intelligence Discourse Analysis

The branding and the technology, the marketing and the technology and the advertising and the technology are no more separate able in this globalized world. the whole world becomes the market and the complete consumer database it getting the product in time against this brand market intelligence. If someone thinks that it is easy to observe the customer in such complex corporate world without the introspective way than it is very difficult to prove it. In this era, the brand market intelligence is being important because the brands is being consumed by many factories and almost the same specification.

The branding concept has been changed now a and customers are also focused over the specification more than the satisfaction. The irony of the consumers in selecting the brands initiates the need ate company level to run the brand market intelligence so that consumer’s demands can be accomplished in the best possible way. This brand market intelligence also have impact over the way as the workplace wants to acquire. The workplace and the workers of the company are no more stuck at one place to produce the products as they wants. The company believed in various production units as the consumer wants and for this purpose the brand market intelligence has come.

The conceptual framework truly based upon the marketing is highly interrelated with the ways as it depends upon the consumer-centralized intervention in the best possible way.

Brand Market Intelligence


The consumer market is upgrading day by day because consumers wants to see the highly dynamic nature in the product so that the company can handles the way as it is integrated to behaves. The same framework also endorsed the reality that the branding of the products depends upon the way as the company think about the consumer and demands of consumers.

Under the same maxim, the company have the large product portfolio in which the products are more than the customers’ demands and as consumer’s perception. the meaningful intervention against the customer pool through the brand market intelligence is the way in which the big data bases can meet with their needs in respective manner. This intelligence system intervene in the perception at consumer level because the branding concept at this level inculcates in the consumer level as the company makes them to see. The label of the global brands is another way that can be do through this brand market intelligence for the purpose that how the company is going to grasp and retain the attention of customers as the company wants to.