United Nations Success And Challenges In The 21st Century

Seventy years ago,after WWII, when the founding fathers of United Nations met in San Francisco, Beardsley Ruml made a remark: “Toward the finish of five years, you will think the United Nations is the best vision at any point acknowledged by man. Toward the finish of 10 years, you will discover questions inside yourself and all through the world.At the finish of 50 years, you will trust the United Nations will fail. You will be sure that all the chances are against its definitive life and achievement. It will be just when the United Nations is 100 years of age that we will realize that the United Nations is the main other option to the annihilation of the world.” so lets have the idea about the United Nations Success And Challenges In The 21st Century
Now at 70, the United Nations perhaps is in a transitional phase, on a steep upward trajectory from the pessimistic to the optimistic stage of expectations.The United Nations was created to protect the succeeding generations from the scourge of war,liberate them from colonial rule, maintain international peace and security,uplift socioeconomic standards, curtail human rights violation,uphold international law and to tackle with many challenges ahead which can put human life at risk.

The 70-Years history of the United Nations is marked with many successes, but also disappointments. We must look at both sides of the coin so that;we may asses its performance in a better way and also to make it an effective body for World peace and prosperity.

United Nations Success And Challenges In The 21st Century

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During cold war era and after WWII,future conflicts and the scourge of war was hanging upon humanity’s head like the Damocles’ sword, the fact that “cold War” didn’t form into a hot one is for the most part credited not to the United Nation rather ascribed to the “balance of terror” between the super powers but the role of UN Secretary-General U Thant in helping to prevent a conflict between the two, especially during 1962 Cuban missile crisis though had been overlooked, but at the time acknowledged by both super powers in writing.

Similarly the development of the role of “good offices” of Secretary General in preventing conflicts through quiet diplomacy was one of the achievements of the United Nations during cold war.