Theory of International Relations Classical Approach

It is needed to define before classical theoretical aspect that peace came through a classical balance of power should replace the system of collective security. The replacement is not as easy as narrated by one in such a simple sentence. The idea of the rule of law claim is just about the same aspect. One can say that may be the rule of law implemented at different levels domestically. The rule of law should transfer from domestic level to international level in classical approach.

After the transfer, things became easy for the successful implication of international perspective. One should think towards another perspective as well those mutual interests have the dramatic impact on the rule of law.   The classical diplomacy approach was there with the war and shows that how the war disrupted the concept of the classical approach. The First World War has explored the new ways towards international politics.

International Relations Classical Approach

The international politics reshaped after the post area for the classical approach to international relations. The academic inquiry shows that how the classical forms of politics maintain the classical worth in a theoretical way. The absence of the international way towards the theory was the question of Wight in 1966, but the question may not apply in contemporary international aspect. The political approach towards international community is not just possible with domestic political system indeed. The extraordinary development over the centuries is best one while going through the public education.

The welfare system at humanitarian basis always best one that may handle welfare systems at the highest level. The classical theory is a good life but relatively it is all about the survival aspect. It is mandatory to clarify that how the social life is so much confined towards the analysis of international affairs. The man control towards the social life is all basics about the view of the classical theory of international relations. Further, the way towards the utopian temperament is there to achieve the best in classical paradigm. It is not so difficult that society of states not so possible in a contemporary way towards specific class. There are many mindsets who believes that how to respond ideally towards the utopian style of government in the best way.