Role Of National Interest While Building International Relations

National interest is the most vague idea of various ideas in international relation. The idea that is being exploit by politicians easily and there is no realization of such exploitation in any aspects.

National Interest

There is no evaluation that can proves the strength of idea. The foreign policy is being developed on such grounds that could made necessary as national interest on international platform. The legitimacy and authority if that foreign policy is being monitored by actors of state within state.

National Interest

After World War II, there is much realization that foreign policy should monitor accordingly as National interest. Generally there is consensus about national interest but in actual there is still a gap at theoretical grounds. Every national have some determinants to evaluate their leader and National interest is core one.

But, without National interest and its complete understanding there is no institution that can evaluate leader in any aspect . This irony exists in this world after establishment of international relations generally but particularly after World War II. The theoretical grounds of concept argue that this idea of National interest is workable in two ways.

First is about need created by World interest according to some standard of justification. This aspect is acceptable as claim even on the behalf of state and conclusively state have to think about national interest. Secondly, particular policies and programs at state level cannot outlined without proper building of National interest for them.

The criteria that can determine that state should have such national interest or that national interest is still a missing link. There is no specific criteria about national interest for policies and programs at country level. Therefore, one said in start that politician exploit National interest easily without any set standards.

The principles at country level can develop only when there is proper issuance of national interest in required way. First term that is being used by National interest is inclusiveness because according to term policies should reflect needs of country as well. Proper realization before setting up national interest should includes inclusiveness in appropriate way.

The same inclusiveness also argue that at least national interest should include the consent of some groups in state that is liable to keep law and order in society. Second is exclusiveness because national interest should not necessary develop the same consent from outside groups as it is from inside one. There are three mindsets being developed within state about national interest.

Firstly, national interest represents those elements only that are officially responsible for conduct of foreign policy in diverse form. Secondly, national interest can become official after developing some specific assumptions. Thirdly. independent normative values in society can provides platform for identification of national interest.

The evaluation about National interest requires democratic process and that does not mean that non democratic countries have no national interest. Even, non democratic countries have to go through with democratic process in sane way as democratic countries.