Overview Of India And Pakistan Indus Water Treaty

It is very hard to judge intensity of negotiation between those nations who actually did not come close after dispute. All type of accords and agreements between Pakistan and India actually focused upon post participation developments at advance level. Those agreements are actually providing a way in which can provide guidance for sustainable development at both platforms; India or Pakistan. The Indus water treaty, September 1960 was big one between two states.

Indus Water Treaty

At that time, rigid circumstances were observing by both nations and it was very hard to continue without any accord. Water security was one of biggest issue after participation and only agenda causes many rifts between countries. The corporation comes at practical ground because it further issues at talk table. The Indus River that is about 3,200 kilometers passing through many areas including northern India and Jammu with further Pakistan in target of this river. The benefits for Pakistan with this one major element are 21 GDP contributions, about 45 percent contribution in job sector and backbone of more than half agro-based industry so far.

The agro-based industry is backbone of country and this backbone is actually one of the major elements in country’s success. 19th September 1960 was date that was harbinger in corporation and sustainable development between two countries. Conflict avoidance or dispute settlement actually needed at South Asian’s platform. The conflict of international waters is worst conflict and history of many international waters issues found Indus Water as history changer. Recent, water related challenges are still rising and IWT has no relaxations for increasing and decreasing water flow.

Indus Water Treaty

Water flow is ignored clause in agreement and still creating issues in water crises management. Reduction of river flows is natural thing and nations are getting this aspect in sorry state. Climate change and sedimentation are two major things that are happening for reducing river flow since treaty. Watershed management is new issue that is creating rift between same nations actually shows corporation aspect with treaty. Eastern rivers and environmental flows highly ignored by treaty. The third party with research and development aspect is only relevant with treaty and can resolve issues with immediate effects.

Such projects and water treaties may only acquire success through creation of knowledge base. Need of scientific study is only missing link that can lower issues between India and Pakistan for International waters. The complete and future-enriched thing can help with issues such as floods or droughts and sometimes deluge in Pakistan. Adverse effects are only appearing in Pakistan most because major area covered by River is located in Pakistan.


The Indus Waters Treaty: Negotiation, Implementation, New Challenges, and Future Prospects