Foreign Policy,Determinants,Decision Making and Analysis

The population of world is rising even moment by moment and the world is getting close that makes the apprehensions fort several states in this globalized village and the only reason that binds these states is the foreign policy. The policy that can protect the interests of one states towards other because there is not relationship among states rather than the interest of the state itself. (Wanjohi, 2015)

The interest to get the safe guard from one aspect is the way as the foreign policy argues and the other thing that other states have their own stakes in that specific states as well. The causes and affect thing is glaring in the foreign policy because such policy provides the some kinds of reservations as well. The disruption of system in one state, sometimes disturbs the system in the neighboring countries and they have to feel the heat in the best way. (Wanjohi, 2015)

Foreign Policy,Determinants,Decision Making and Analysis

The foreign policy most of the time requires much integration that is specifically integrate in the international relations in required form. There are some sort of solutions and decisions as well that can affect the one and the other state in the best way. The advance level implementation of principle among the group in the state that binds through the foreign policy is not an hidden phenomenon now. (Wanjohi, 2015)

Moreover, the determinants of foreign policy of state is the advance level information that all the times is being highlights at forums that are getting involve at various level. Firstly, the power is the major determinates that formulate the hidden aspect of policy. The domestic level of power is the debate of one forum that mostly exist at national level and the other aspect is the international influence that distributes the power at various levels. Secondly, the objectives of the state behind the all matters in politics either that politics exist within the state of linked outside. (Wanjohi, 2015)

Foreign Policy

Every state have its own level and understanding of foreign policy thus the objectives of FP is also differs from one to another level in which the national interest is the basic thing to evaluate. It is not possible that the objectives of all foreign policies of states same or not because these objectives depends upon the needs of civil existence over there. (Wanjohi, 2015)

The one state could see the foreign policy for the sake of security and other saw it as the economic benefits. Thirdly, the leadership is another aspect while deciding about the foreign policy because the well integrated leader with the state’ other institution is the high priority of the country to establish such policy that can gives the long run benefits. (Wanjohi, 2015)

The domestic determinates also includes the civilian capabilities to resolve the issues along with the military consent about the state and at the third level the levels of economic development with the last step of types of governance in the best discourse. In the end, one can say that it is not necessary that every changed government changed the policy accordingly because most of the time the best policy repeatedly accepted by the upcoming governments. (Wanjohi, 2015)


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