Contributions of Neoliberalism In International Relations

The debate of neo liberalism is not only centralized with the political debates at international standards only but it has been considering in the academic debates as well so that the complete discourse about international relations could be articulated so far. Many scholars argues that the neo-liberalism spreads all over the world and most important phenomenon in the international policy making with the realistic approach so far. (Harvey, 2005)


The main focused of this way of thinking is to provides the general approach to neoliberal society and the image of society is highly centralized with the economic as well as political trends at massive level in world. It is essential that neoliberal society considers the slight overstatement so that the optimum performance according to political and economic trends could be benefited in any aspect so far. (Harvey, 2005)


The only purpose of all these discourse of neo liberalism is to create a new welfare state that is important in making the political discussion as well as having some tasks in making economic success as well. The initial growth in any state is necessary because such initial growth is the way that develops the thinking among endorsers of neo liberalism towards the economy and political process. There is no distinct ideology in-between the liberalism and neo liberalism because the both concepts have the same agenda to do that is political one end and economic in other. (Harvey, 2005)

The first tenet in the neoliberals in international paradigm said that the economy is the way of thinking about the future and without the economy the success is not possible in any aspect and the concept known as the neoliberals wit immediate effects indeed. The autonomy of economy with the maximum free market systems developed throughout the cultural aspects because without the economy the paradigm shift is not possible in any way. The economic freedom or liberalism that affects the whole society and tends the constitutional changes sometimes considered the economy as the main factors rather than other things indeed. (Harvey, 2005)

The changes in constitution is about the happen when the political arena comes under the discussion and freedom is being spread with the democratic point of view. The completely free and self-regulating markets are both ways that complete thinking about the economic success in neoliberals platform. Above the new ways of economic and political thinking one said that the entire neo liberalism is the basic thing that considered the traditional roots of liberalism with affects with entire society in complete sense. (Harvey, 2005)

The economic platform in conceptual way discuss that the people under the powers of states are free to think about the capitalization at individual level and market rights are almost free with the various aspect and most important is about the money. In 2005, Saad -Filho and Johnson articulates some trends in economic and political way of thinking because it is hard to believe that the economic platform can be so revolutionized in coming days along with the same improvements in the political arena. (Harvey, 2005)


Harvey, D. (2005). A Brief History of Neoliberalism. OUP Oxford.