Women Status In Employment in Pakistan

It is no more hidden reality towards the rest of world that the women in Pakistan particularly suffering in employment section of this society because of many self-created restriction on females in Pakistan. The lowest part f females in Pakistan are likely to work due to the restriction of females in Islamic teachings. The more discourse analysis was never done against the working of women in the whole sector. The participation rate of working at women sector is the important link that always develops the new ways in the appropriate manner. (Sadaquat & Sheikh, 2011)

Women Status In Employment

After the religions restrictions in working of women in Pakistan, the next thing is about the traditional bindings that did not allow the work to be used as the working staff as much as male is working under the same traditional network of the same society. Traditionally, the women is being considered as the main theme in which the expression of interest while working at society should be done with the way as it adopted in further discourse. (Sadaquat & Sheikh, 2011)

The cultural values is another platform that negates the women as the working material because the economy and culture goes against each other and the integration of these field is not possible, essentially in Pakistan case. The values of culture is the value that should be obeyed by the whole society and women are strictly bound to act according to those values. Those values that can bear the loss of economy without the participation of women but did not allow their females to take part to improve the economy, This is the harsh reality f Pakistan along with the colonial ideologies in which the idealist behavior is the only behavior with different paradigms. (Sadaquat & Sheikh, 2011)

The colonial ideology is the way that demands the highest cultural myths with the way as society improves. The labor market is always searching fro the new talents, the new blood and the new gender to be included in it so that the new ways of effectiveness should devised as per the required actions. The social institutions outside the labor market is exactly did against the intentions of labor market about the penetration of women in it. The classification of working women in reality needed so that the labor dynamics can improve according to the mindset of working as required. (Sadaquat & Sheikh, 2011)

In the end, one can say that the market discrimination are more diverted towards the women and women is the main victim of these discrimination. The only cause behind the creation of two segments in job, one segment represents the low paid jobs and other segment is about the low status jobs. The unorganized sectors of Pakist6an welcomes the participation of women that has less contributions towards the macro economy of Pakistan. The organizations in Pakistan with almost no security of employment are more likely to take the risk by getting the women in employment. This reckless situation of women and its employment relation in Pakistan is almost separate from the rest of world partially and sometimes seems completely. (Sadaquat & Sheikh, 2011)


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