Women Health Issues And Their Repercussions In Pakistan

According to Dr. Zareef Khan, Deputy coordinator of health work program of Pakistan in 1994, said at that time that Pakistan’ intention and Pakistan’ health care system can never tackle the issues of population leaving in the rural areas and in those areas the health care unit is about seven kilometer away averagely. This is the fact that the same kind of issues are currently prevailing in the health sector and the main victim of this negligence are women, if one can say coherently. (who.int, 2015)

Women Health Issues In Pakistan

Health status of Pakistan according to the women provides the coherence among the recent upgrading as well as the serious note of previous data available in ancient times. The women health sector enables the health professionals so that the health sector can flourish with the ways as it is designated to behave in different nodes. (who.int, 2015)

Women Health Issues

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The professionals of health care are a best way to show in the reckless situation as it is designated to behave in professional mindset. The health care professionalism is another facet that provides the real picture of women in different aspects. The policy makers in Pakistan has been struggling with the health care issues of women since the conception of health care system in Pakistan. The new issues rising is another way to discuss the best approach in different aspects because the health care system is the basic way to think about the futuristic issues with the coherent approach. (who.int, 2015)

The health behaviors matters a lot with different aspects because the health care interventions are likely to begin in the future and most importantly in the near future. The health behaviors are well settled in the way that is exactly a ruthless way to share the opinion in different aspects because the women;’ health is the major issues and facing various arguments as well. For example, the most important and highest issues in women health status are maternal health, life expectancy issue, perinatal mortality problem, infant mortality issue, under five mortality rate and the finally the various ways in which the population can think differently. (who.int, 2015)

The diseases are about to come in the way and can health the future paradigm in further aspects but the policy making is necessary to achieve the real time goals as most expected for the further research. The medical interventions with different ways are the best way to exploit the resources of Pakistan while getting down the issues in further information acquisition. (who.int, 2015)

The health care issues are numerous in Pakistan and recent north Waziristan war in south west region of Pakistan is another recent aspects that increases the health issues threat specifically for women. The women of Pakistan has been suffering from the ills of society about the health care interventions that should be tackled in any aspects. The need of program of health care workers that was launched in 1994 need another round so that the medical problems can get the resolutions in every way. (who.int, 2015)


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