Third Wave Feminism Through A Critical View Of Feminist Mind

The most recent wave in the feminist mindset was aroused when the study about the feminist bloc becomes a real issue in the eye of every women in all aspects. The time comes for this realization in the early stage of 1990s when the all hopes were risen again under the same objectives as the second wave of feminist movements constitutes. The other view about this movement is to get realization about the mistakes and elements of failures in the second wave indeed. The backfire of the second movement of feminism believe to have another way of thinking as per the decided actions and reaction on real grounds. (, 2007)

Third Wave Feminism

The focus of the movement was to get attraction of the upper middle class women that is much different than the actually conceptual framework of the society in different minds. The structured concepts about the intra related activities among the gender and sexuality always provides the centralized thinking and it is also a hidden ideology of the third wave movement. The micro politics is another mindset that has set when the feminists always focused upon the what is considered as good for the women in the society and what is still not so much in requirement as per the decided actions. The game change plan was executed by the culture when, in 1991, the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas were involved in the sexual harassment indeed. (, 2007)

Third Wave Feminismsource:

The sexuality at workplace was perceived as ill in the second wave but it was wrongly perceived that the second wave see some resolved issues as the biggest notion but still these issues are exist even in the third wave as per discussion said in justified way. There were much published work that show this discrimination of women in the rightist approach. The favor vote of Thomas in that case worsens the situation further. The personalities like the Gloria Anzaldua, bell hooks were some that named this wave as the new mind with subjective nature in the feminist voice that may endorse the role-breaking paradigm while accepting the things as they are. (, 2007)

The race related subjective are another way to discover that third wave is distinctive in nature and have its own per-requisites in composite format. The above-mentioned Thomas case give the agile moments at this level to the third wave that the gender and race becomes the hot issues of that time. The rice major part of the community and poor minor part of community are not separate able under this wave because the third wave movements have to include the young minds of feminist with the vision to get success in this battle. (, 2007)

The queer sexuality was being consider able when the sexuality in the same gender was at its peak in actual terms. The other thing is about the reproductive rights is meaningful approach to discuss that how the gender is going to take part in the way that way is highly De-centralized with the minor issues. In the end, one can propose that the women was the major issue under this wave and the linkage between gender, class even race and nationality are issues to be discussed and resolved if not individually than there should be platform to resolve them. (, 2007)

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