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Theories Of Violence Against Women

It is not an easy task to convert the practical implication of violence against women in to the theoretical formulation because women is the hidden aspect of society with the several reasons so far. The theoretical formulation of women is almost establishes the way that are sufficient in acquiring the various aspects in different thinking satisfaction. There are theories that can explain the reason behind the violence against the women and there are also some theories that are always happened to stop that violence in the relative way. (Jasinski, 2001)

Theories Of Violence Against Women


The actual thinking paradigm shift was observed by the several scholars because many scholars have their own mindset about the women violence with the several hypotheses. One is going to consider the most popular scholars about the violence against the women, According to Jasinski, J.L., (2001) the main aspect that was considerable with several ways are giving the shape o three kinds of theories about the violence against the women. These three kinds of theories are actually the three kinds of level that always happened in the society with the several aspects. The first aspect is about the micro aspect to think about the society and micro theories defined the women in the least level. (Jasinski, 2001)

The other level is about the macro level aspect to think about the violence against the women and last but not the least one is the violence against the women at multidimensional aspect of thinking about the violence against the women. These three levels are defined the violence against the women in three ways most importantly and three paradigm shift accordingly. The one paradigm shift is micro theories of violence against the particular gender. (Jasinski, 2001)

The first theory is about the social learning theory and this theory explain that the individuals learn about the violence against the women from the experience encountered by him. the society and most importantly the nearby analysis gives the composite phenomenon about the violence and may be that individuals have some bad memories of violence itself as well. (Jasinski, 2001)

Theories Of Violence Against Women

This is all about the intergenerational transmission from one level of understanding to another level and it is completely agitate in the virtual world inside the individual. The other theory is about the personal characteristics and psychopathology is the major part in establishing the such characteristics at individual level. This theory proposed that the individual have the intention to harm the women have some sort of personal and mental disorder and that disorder tends them to become violate against the women. (Jasinski, 2001)

The other thing is about biological aspect of individual. The natural selection at individual level tends him to do the violence against the women and rape is the best example of such lacking at extreme level. The exchange theory is another way of thinking about the micro aspect of violence. This micro aspect is therefore believe to give the exchange theory with the view that it happened with the various aspects to do and individuals are always tends to give priority to their ideas only. (Jasinski, 2001)

The last but not the least theory about the micro thinking about the violence against the women is the resource theory and this theory explained that the power can only established at family level when the women become victim of violence in family matters. The other level to think about the violence against the women is the feminist theory and this theory is the creative thinking to think about the male-dominated structure of the society in advance level. The social structure is therefore relevant with the demanding culture and demanding society in real approach. (Jasinski, 2001)

The male dominated culture like Patriarchy have the intentions to do the harm to the women factor in the same culture. The other theory that reshape the macro theories is about the family violence perspective. The natural acceptance was wrongly considered as the violence against the women and it did not considered bad to be violate against the women in any sense. These relationships are being violated due to major acceptance of family structure. (Jasinski, 2001)

The subculture aspect of violence theory showed that some groups in society are always prefer to do violate against the women but in some specific situations only. The fifth theory about the macro theories analyzed that the cultural acceptance of violence against the women showed that the cultural approval of anything specifically violate all rules and regulations in certain areas of life and these areas are not ignore able till the end of this world. Therefore, women oppression is being formalized as the major cultural approval to do so. (Jasinski, 2001)

The last mindset about the violence against the women is about the stress that is the remarkable significant risk factor against the violence of women, The stressful situation is being monitored as the major element to violate against the women. The next is about the discourse of multidimensional approaches of violation against the women. The exchange theory showed that the violence is about the reward after the violate behavior against the women can exceed the costs of violating against the women. (Jasinski, 2001)

The reward is much higher in sop called respect and other facts therefore violence against women is not ignore able. The other thing is the social control theory and this theory proposed that the resistance to intervene in family matters and most importantly at cultural level. The intervene of some other factor in family matters can further agitate against the women itself. the whole who amalgamated idea showed that the man can harm his woman because he have the proper right to do so . (Jasinski, 2001)

The gender theory is another thing that considered the macro aspect and this macro theory is about the violence differently with view constructing is basically provides the way as per the need show and implement. The social system of multidimensional theory is always happen in various aspects because influence of power of man over woman is the worst form ever. The intimate relations among them, sometimes causes of violence against the women in several way. (Jasinski, 2001)

The other three kinds of models are being considered as the main factors behind the violence against the women and comes under the influence of multidimensional theories. The mal peer-support model is the first aspect like the alcohol use at male level contributes in violence. The next model is about the social Etiological model and this model again explain the structural inequality of women and men at same level. (Jasinski, 2001)

The ecological model is about the shaping the social environment and development of environment about the intra-relationship among the individuals with Micro systems, with Meso system, with Exo system and finally with the macro system. Micro is all about interactions with family, friends that are existed in the near environment. (Jasinski, 2001)

The meso system is about the home and school that are away from individual not so much. The next thing is about the policy making where the schools boards are always built a relationship with the such bodies in the environment. The next thing is about the macro system and this system involves the cultural attitudes and showed the relationship among the individuals and its elements at large scale. These all above-mentioned theories are some kind of hypotheses that can defined the violence against the women up to great extent or one can say in the composite form. (Jasinski, 2001)


Jasinski, J. L. (2001). Theoretical Explanations for Violence Against Women. Oaks, CA:: Sage.

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