The Colonial And Capitalistic Perspectives Of Gender

When the debates comes in western perspective of culture, one can say that the western pattern of life is highly centralized with the capitalist mindset that thought most the time about the financial gains more than anything else. Consciously, the capitalist perspective of the gender is most likely to ponder upon the capitalism more than anything else. The combined force of free trade economy, private ownership and even the workforce maxim the main by product comes when the employee and employer relations could be beneficial in getting the maximum benefits from the streamline of gender in the society. (LUGONES, 2012)

The Colonial Perspectives Of Gender

The ordinary people and the daily lives can disrupt from the interventions of capitalist mindset and women oppression could rise but this is not a full truth. For instance, the Java is the true society that based upon financial decisions of women at home from corporate level. The capitalist mode of production is the way that hindered the performance of working class so that the community can get the real meaning of working style in all aspects. The gender relations is important in exploration of different aspects in the society because the community level approach is the real time intervention to show that the capitalist perspective is the major way to think about the gender and should not ignore in any facet of society. (LUGONES, 2012)

The Colonial And Capitalistic Perspectives Of GenderSource:

The capitalist society itself is not a major issues for the employer but the Islamic views are. The Islamic views, teaching norms and values are highly centralized with the different aspects of gender with the discourse analysis. The women even in the most of the Asian counties considered as the way of thinking about at western social perspective rather than the Islamic view of women that may further enhance the oppression of women in society. It is entirely accepted that the capitalism and the Islamic teachings are away from each other and the women’ issue could not resolve in such irony. (LUGONES, 2012)

The traditional family system is biggest paradigm have the belief to behave in the way to discuss the importance of Islam in comparison with the corporate system. The oppression of the women starts when the contradiction starts between the religion and capitalism has started in different ways. It is known reality that there is some intersection exists between the race, gender, class and even in sexuality that comes to the point that may enables the understanding level to discuss the systematic violence so that the men’ role in the violence could clear because of gender difference here in the debate. (LUGONES, 2012)

The women of color is the advance phenomenon that may show that the women is the basic reality in world and should develop the way that may endorse the image of women in society more than anything else. The framework analysis in three elements one element is the gender, second one is the race and third element is the colonization that may hinder the performance of gender in the society in entire approach. These aforementioned approaches comes in the discussion by the third world scholars of feminism to get the real cause behind this biggest ill of the society. (LUGONES, 2012)


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