Problematizing the category of “Sex”: Queer Theory

The origin of uncomfortable conversations draw attention of individuals towards the real myth behind the Queer theory that has been a glaring topic in the community since its inception. The conceptual framework is not only stuck with the issues as per the required plan of action in the way. The anthology that focuses on the various debates are the best by product with other concepts as society needs. Many debates and topics has been introduced in the manner that exactly required to initiate the way in respective manner.

Queer Theory

The important issues that has been a debate regarding the elements as the intimacy, privacy and even as the sex harassment that has been a normal topic to discuss with all formalities. The concept initialization regarding the sex and even the other elements in the gender studies are not the product of abrupt decision in gender studies. Oppositely, it has been an issue since the inception of gender and conception of gender linkage with the society. There are possible four major institutions in the society and these institutions always handles the matter of gender that has been using as the Queer theory with the same pace as the gender understand.

Queer Theory

The critical perspective provides the way to give the meaningful intervention to show that how the community going to consider the legal terms and regulation in the way that is highly integrated with the queer mindset. The social aspects that has been discussed since the historical background provides the way as per the relevancy endorsed the need. Later the Queer way to deal with the gender studies are highly relevant with the political and cultural institutions. The only need here to think about the sex as the traditional way to deal with the different sexes in the same paradigm shift. The same mindset that has been endorsing the queer and feminist as the main factors to evaluates the gender deeply show that the both mindsets have been in debate since the wordy war f sex, gender and sexuality is increased.

The social norms are almost away from the real thinking that directly and indirectly relate with the subject matter as the Queer theory has been asking. Therefore, the queer and the feminist way of handling the gender are almost interlinked in several fronts but in sex front at extra ordinary level. The larger goals of empowerment and the equality show that the material approach of society towards the real meaning as the queer theory wants to give in open society.


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