Pakistan’ Law Pursuits For Women’ Human Rights

There are many hidden and unexplored challenged imposed by the society of Pakistan regarding the women who always pursuit for the gender equality in Pakistan. The violence of gender base studies was kept the women aside up to the limited access to the general culture. The gender base is also getting the appropriate ways to boast the morale of women in reality because the women sector is a hot agenda in rising the issues in the respective manner. The so called norms and regulations are nowhere deals with the law because the legal interpretation of women rights are always get the debate corner in reality. (, 2012)

Women And Law

But after the decades of realizations and one can say in the last the Pakistani government show intentions towards the human rights that covered the women in the composite way. The women sector is important to society because the women make over the society. For example, on International Women Day 2012, the President of Pakistan has signed a law regarding the human rights interventions for women so that the law can explore the gender violence most importantly. The National Commission signing over the women status and it is the basic way that explore the reality with the several means. (, 2012)

Therefore, women bill; 2012 was the bill that provides some kind of shelter for the human rights at women level. Under the bill, the best thing about the autonomy at financial and administrative level provided a best way to achieve the success in the particular manner. Furthermore, in 2011, the country also included the Anti women practices Bill and that bill got the superiorly in the national law according to its specific activities related with the women oppression and the movements of women wanted to gain. (, 2012)

The acid violence ion roads and even sometimes at home was the major concern in that law. In addition to it, the forced marriage was also considered as the extra judicial activity with the best practices of law. The journey of oppression of women is not ended yet because the women has been suffering from the honor killings in Pakistan as well that is the worst form of violence indeed that deals specifically with the protection given by the state and how that protection is misleading in every aspect was discussed in preamble of Law. (, 2012)

The December 2011 was the game changer in the history of law regarding the women in Pakistan and many intervention was shown by the government of Pakistan in representing the gender-based crime indeed.

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