First Wave Of Feminism and Feminist Movements Timeline

The material consists of different aspects of the feminism and feminist mindset during its first wave. The days of 19th and 20th century was regarded as the most important days because the women oppression got the minds of the woman culture in the composite form. The women mind is the basic too that ignites the need of feminist movement in its first wave. The days in which the liberal politics was at highest point further endorsed the idea about the woman to gain the right to vote through effective way. The liberal politics was included the new way of democratization in the state to state political environment. (Krolokke, 2005)

First Wave Of Feminism

The liberal politics that is highly centralized with the liberal women’s rights movement and most important it gets the idea about the socialist mindset about the women in this society. That time when the first wave of feminist movement has started indeed. The United States and the Europe were two main regions where this wave arises. The western society was exploited by the first wave of women as the eastern society but many critics take this stance as unjustified one. They think that the first and even other waves of the feminist movements were entirely against the other nations and only suited towards the updated industrialization and even the developed societies specifically. (Krolokke, 2005)

First Wave Of Feminism


The days was still in the history when the women started to use the National women party as the platform to make a huge protest against the government by some controversial sayings that the government is the highest undemocratic government and practices are not acceptable. The creation of the direct and sole feminist franchise in the Germany further ignites the need to get the similar franchise in the United States as well. The main purpose to authorize the freedom and the democracy’ real myth in United States so that women could felt the real authority within the society. The result of this oppression in the society was come when the well-educated and even great thinkers for the women was about to hanged till death during the jail tenure. (Krolokke, 2005)

The best thing of the movement that they did not show any resistance to the police affairs and finally this attitude got the attention of the people and even men were started to endorsed the movement in the meaningful way. The President Wilson was in support of National; American Women’s Suffrage Association (NAWSA) that was less radical and more appealing at actual. The inspiration for the further movements of feminism was got in the last days of the first wave movement. (Krolokke, 2005)

The Alice Paul, Carrie Chapman and even the Anna Howard Shaw were few names that got their objective under one platform by winning the vote in 1920. In the end, one can say that the agenda that was outlined by the Elizabeth Cady Stanton for the equity of women naturally was the main objectives of the right of vote in 1920. (Krolokke, 2005)


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