Feminist Movements And Ideologies About The Feminism Minds

The series of the campaigns were being regarded as the movements and those movements was important to recognized the women as the key player in the cultural, political, social and economical platform that was highly detached from the scene. It is no more hidden reality that the women of the west has faced the consequences of the so called men’ power in reality as per the ancient studies explored. The American women was struggling against the consequences that were so much related with the so called power of the men. The identity of the women was considered in those days distinguished according to cultural aspects. The female identity is already different paradigms was not considerable as per the required plan of action. (Durán, Payne, & Russo, 2007)

Feminist Movements

The western culture contains some rare elements that are attached with the culture in composite form and is not applicable in the whole world in effective way as it should work. The Feminist movements in the west are clearly comes out after the exploration of the woman oppression in the United States in the mid of 19th Century. The jobs sector is the first sector that considered the woman as the thing with the limited rights to get a as professional life. The next field in the west showed that the education was being also considered as the field that is far away from the rights of women so that they can boast. The story was not end yet and the sexuality comes as the third major field in which the woman oppression was continue according to ancient epistemology. The last but not the least thing was the reproductive choice that was relevant towards the enslaved status of woman in west. (Evans, 2012)

Feminist Movements

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The first wave of Feminist movement ensure that the legal bindings in those circumstances is very necessary in the development of equality paradigm in the real manner. The movement was there from the 19th century till the early of 20th century and showed that the unity is only the one basic rule that makes the society aware that women are not more separate concept in the society and should be consulted as per the women desired way. There were four major states that have particularly such elements that can be called as the suffrage one. The list includes the United States, Netherlands, Canada and United Kingdom that have had such elements that took part in the movements at large scale to gain right to vote. (Joannou, 1998)

The Women’s Suffrage Association give boast to the agenda to show that both need requirement is the way to show the other woman the same as they are designed to show. The year of 1869 was the year that highlights the way in which the Feminist view to give the right to vote so that the community based information can assimilate in the society freely. Susan B. Anthon was the name, is the name and will be the name that show the woman of that time a way to get the equality in the right direction and finally the 1919 comes with the right to vote. (Kampwirth, 2004)

The after effects of the second world war II (1960s) was comes under the name of second movement and the equal rights amendment (ERA) was the repercussion of the movement. Second wave movement of the feminism was the way to discuss the woman legalities as per the discussion showed. This second way movement was comprised of activities that has outlining the social and political concepts in the defined way. The social paradigm has been the way to give the mindset that was buzzing by the main leaders of the association since the conception of movement. The legal protection was the main thing that give boast to the objectives of this second wave along with many social reservations indeed. The gender discrimination was also outlined in the same wave that showed that the this wave of the feminism was severe in action than the previous one. (Kaplan, 2012)

The third wave movement of feminism comes in 1992 and the left agendas in previous two movements was the objectives of this movement through the reality based interventions. The basic purpose of the movement comes when the second wave movement fail in different aspects. The objectives of this wave were to gather the voices of young women, non-heterosexual women and even women of color introspectively. (Roth, 2004)


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