Dependency Theory Of Development And Global World

There are many approaches to obtain the political development and most explorative at western perspective. The studying environment is the basic way that show that the western approach in this political development’ platform can never ignore in any case while getting the real time approach. The third world country primarily Latin America was considered as the main platform from which this concept has come before the world as the newest thinking paradigm. Furthermore, the western academics have nothing to do with this conceptual framework as reality tells us. (, 1999)

Dependency Theory

Thinkers who actually do a introspective approach while considering the third world dependency as the main element in different approaches, while controlling the unjust and even reckless situations across the globe. Economically speaking, third world countries were having the various least economic activities as compare to developed countries. The politically epitomizing, the third world countries have the lowest level at political platform while the developed countries have biggest democratization system in relative approach. The defensive approaches are different and needy as well but surprisingly, the developed countries have the basic military resources to protect themselves but third world countries have no such barricade in proper way. (, 1999)

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The other aspect about the third world economies showed that the agricultural impact is important to these and developed one have no such realization specifically at agricultural grounds. This are so many gaps between these two main platform and this discussion started from recent times and still continue. Thinkers at dependency platform always want to explore such inequalities with the complete code of life. The life is depends upon different elements and these elements are different from one another. To know the difference in actual approach showed that the inequalities are increasing moment by moment. (, 1999)

If one says that such inequalities are not justifiably do with the societies in any aspect, than it is not a false statement in any case. To mitigate such differential elements in any case with the best possible approach can lower the differences between the nations, thinking and finally the peoples that are highly demanded in this globalized world. The critiques also placed some arguments about the dependency theory and most of them are western-centered and those thinks that dependency theory behaves with the Marxist concepts and specifically those concepts that the blame of inequalities were given to the developed countries as the same in the dependency theory. The blame of differences negates the separate minds of Marxist and dependency and wrongly perceived these two schools with the same root. (, 1999)

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