Role Of Pakistan In End Times Economically, Politically And Militarily

There are many schools of thoughts regarding the end of time. Whatever the school of thought, may it be scientific, Divine, Religious, mystic or Philosophical, at least all agree at one issue that there is an end to time. Among all schools of thought Religious and Mystic one is of extreme importance and logical because the current changes in geostrategic landscape seems to be setting the stage for End times. Pakistan and Israel both being, the ideological states would have a significant role in End times. Below is an overview of the Role of Pakistan in End times:

Pakistan is an Ideological state which came into being on the name of Islam. Moreover there are enough references in Islamic inscriptions regarding the role of the Muslims of the Subcontinent in End times, which are none other than the Muslims of Pakistan. The Idea of Last Battle by the name ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ is found prominent in Islamic scriptures which is also found by other names in other religious scriptures such the coming of Dajjal, a start of War in Middle East etc. the current changing scenario is witness to the advent of End times.

Role Of Pakistan In End Times Economically, Politically And Militarily

According to Islamic Scripture the Muslims of Sub-continent (Pakistan), would fight a war with the Infidels of Sub-continent and which has been mentioned in Islamic scriptures as ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’ and then they would join the forces of Iran and Arab to fight the Jews in the Middle East in the leadership of Imam Mehdi and would result in the triumph of Muslim and then Hazrat Isa(AS) will ascend and rule the world.

Role Of Pakistan

The changing scenario of south Asian politics, the strengthening of Pakistan economically in shape of mega Project CEPEC and militarily by nuclear weapon and the ongoing conflict in the Middle East seems to be the events setting the stage for final battle of End times.

In Short keeping in mind the religious scriptures and the changing geopolitical scenario it is evident that Pakistan is emerging as a major player of the End times. Pakistan would significantly play an instrumental role in End times whether its economically, politically or militarily.