Role of Pakistan In Saudi-Iran Rift

It has been confirmed by Adviser to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz that Pakistan will for sure be playing its role as a mediator between Saudi Arabia and Iran. But this playing  the role will be done at an appropriate time. Sartaj Aziz was addressing to a media while he was at the National College of Arts. He gave this statement that right now there exist a rift and tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran. These relations have now been tense. There is a need to have a balanced approach while solving this conflict between two countries. If rift between Saudi-Iran will continue to go on then this conflict will automatically be affecting other Muslim countries. A diplomatic approach and sensible solutions are the need of the hour. According to the analysts and experts, Pakistan can play following ranges of role in this subjected Saudi-Iran issue:

What role can Pakistan play In Saudi-Iran Rift?

  • The government of Pakistan can act as a mediator. They can advice both the countries to have a stable and balanced approach while solving their conflicts. Extreme situations might have an adverse affect on both of them.
  • Pakistan should be raising its opinion whenever the right time will come. Approaching the right time will tell Pakistan what to do and how to react! Pakistan should be understanding that right time is not the correct time to give its opinion. Let Saudi-Iran allow to sort out their issues first.
  • According to the analysts, Pakistan should now be focusing in safeguarding its security. Pakistan should first be protecting its own interest. It would be better for Pakistan to avoid this sectarian friction. This issue of Saudi-Iran Rift should be handle with great care by Pakistan. There are chances that this sectarian friction might erupt if insensible steps will be taken by Saudi-Iran.
  • Pakistan should realize that this Saudi-Iran issue is a delicate issue. Any kind of insensible step might awake the terrorist elements. These terrorists might take any kind of advantage of this Iran-Saudi Arabia tension.

My View

Just a balanced approach is the need of the time. Pakistan being the Muslim country should be handling this issue with utmost care. As Saudi is a Sunni majority state and Iran is a Shia majority state. Balanced opinions by Pakistan might not be creating any sectarian rift for Pakistan.


DAWN Newspaper 09/01/2016