Pakistan Rupee Vs Dollar Forecast 2019

Right in the last week about Pakistan Rupee Vs Dollar Forecast 2019, we have been seeing a calm situation in the local currency market. We saw that the rupee/dollar parity just traded almost flat having  minor fluctuations. All of he major currency players had also been stayed on the sidelines. It was also noticed that in the last week the demand, as well as the supply of dollar, remained just in balance. so all about the idea of Pakistan Rupee Vs Dollar Forecast 2018

Situation of rupee against dollar

  • We saw that the rupee remained depressed just against the euro in the week`s first four of the trading sessions. It managed to touch Rs117 mark right on the selling counter.

Pakistan Rupee Vs Dollar Forecast 2019

Pakistan Rupee Vs Dollar Forecast 2019

  • The rupee has also shown a depreciation of 0.2pc in these initial weeks of 2019. All of this happened against the dollar and also in the open market.
  • The rupee had also depreciated by 3.8pc in the interbank markets. It is also depreciated by 5.2pc in the open market.
  • If we talk about the second trading session then we had been seeing that the rupee just inched up against the dollar. That too by one paisa. The session was closed at Rs104.93 and Rs104.94.
  • Moving on with the third trading session, the rupee was seen at Rs104.93 and Rs104.95 against the dollar.
  • In the very last week, the rupee has managed to show some what positive notes. It showed us some marginal gains because of the easy availability of foreign exchange.
  • During the week, the rupee against the dollar came in a range of Rs106.00/10 and Rs106.20/30. It was traded at Rs106.00 and Rs106.20.

My View About Pakistan Rupee Vs Dollar Forecast 2019

We have been seeing on the week on week basis that the dollar in the open market has all the time been appreciated by 20 paisa against the  rupee. The rupee showed some upward movement against the euro. We saw that right in the first two weeks of January, this euro posted 60 paisas gain and that too against the rupee. In the year of 2019, the rupee has well appreciated against the euro by the amount of 5.6pc.

Now let us all see that what will happen to the rupee in the coming weeks against dollars, will it appreciate or depreciate! If rupee will not its worth against dollar or Euro then hopefully our stock markets will be able to work in a better way. We need to make our currency stronger.