The Effect of Rape On Gender Equality Mindset

The irony of the situation that we have been living in a complex and in a  diverse world. In this nin ideal world, stereotyping and generalisations have now become an inevitable facet of this human behaviour. Our social contexts and our interactions have now come out to be prejudicial. We have now such kinds of laws and judicial reasoning in our world that automatically gives birth to  discrimination. These policies are now giving birth to unequal enjoyment to human rights. If we talk about the scenario of sexual violence in Pakistan then the situation is quite dismayed.

Scenario of handling rape cases in Pakistan

In Pakistan, though we have some of the notable kinds of law reforms to handle rape cases and the variety of stereotyping. But at the same time, our society has continued to keep on influencing impartial reporting and prosecution of cases related to rape. Our society has become such kind of society where justice to sexual violence cannot be accessed.

Definition of rape in Pakistan

Talking about Pakistan and other South Asia states, rape has been defined as a  crime against `honour`. It is normally understood as a violation of honour. We also call it as`ziyadati` or `being wronged`. We can call this practise as a deprivation of honour. But the actual definition of rape is the infringement of woman`s integrity. Rape is actually referred as stealing of woman autonomy.

Effect of rape on the mindset of women

  • The dignity and also emotional wellbeing of women gets completely devastated.
  • Physical wellbeing of that victim woman gets completely deteriorated.
  • Parents of rape victim have to swallow that massive humiliation.
  • It is at times believed that a virgin and an educated girl put herself in trouble and fabricate her own issues by giving it the name of a rape allegation.
  • It is the practise in our society that the perpetrator gets normally called as the predator who has a crime of passion and this passion of him is not marked as a violence.

My View

It is mainly the expression of dominance and also the power that can be called as the main drivers of rape. Sexual urge and that lust are also one of the primary and main causes for rape. Investigation of sexual violence should be done in a proper way. Corrections need to be done in our judicial decision making.

It is the need of the time that Pakistan`s Constitution should be giving this statement that has to be no discrimination while dealing with the cases of rape. There has to be equality to eliminate such kind of wrongful gender stereotyping.