Status Of IT Sector In Pakistan

The Information technology (IT) is becoming backbone because it is core support for local and international business In Pakistan. Furthermore, Information Technology is itself a well versed business in Asian countries.

Status Of IT Sector In Pakistan

There is no question that Pakistan is getting success in exploiting IT resources indeed but Pakistan still far away from original story. The IT sector of Asia is still a leading story for those who have concerns in Asian internet users. Many search engines are more focus upon search queries that are being generated by Asian now a day. Recently, meeting of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is answer of all hypothesis as mentioned before. These hypothesis are about to become theory and there will be no difference between these hypothetical debate and actual local IT related laws in India. Pakistan is still have some missing link that should be found in Pakistan’ IT sector that are listed below:

  • The least consideration of engineering in Pakistan as compare to India because engineering programs have more in thought under agenda of government as compare to Pakistan. There is no talent base in engineering institutes in Pakistan as compare to India and other neighboring countries. Engineering field is core field that can lowers gap between demand and supply of those talent that needed for boasting IT sector in Pakistan. Because there is no Engineering talent than there is no venture capital that can introduce reforms in IT sector.
  • Call-center industry in Pakistan believes to work just upon pattern of off-shoring. The call-center industry in Pakistan is major element in IT sector but still only increasing discretionary income of consumers rather than any beneficial outcome.
  • There is no vocational training institutes in Pakistan that can nurture about way of internet proceeds in Pakistan. Further, English language that is basic language of internet is still not an important factor at Internet in any way.
  • The call center industry in Pakistan is easy win and have attractive salary packages that is disruptive for future perspective of IT sector in Pakistan.
  • The Venture capital depends upon micro-investments in Pakistan because there is no macro level thinking prevailing in Pakistan about it.
  • The success of local case studies in tech industry is still a way that can create boasted behavior in other but in Pakistan it is still a missing field. Against some local success there is no competitors that can come forward. For example, is best win. There is no local level party that can come forward and give challenge so it is enjoying success.
  • Local parties afraid from marketing, engineering and business development costs and did not recognize market growth in any way. There are few success stories of locals like Pak Wheel, Online Shopping and Karachi Snob. These parties invested and take risks in market and enjoying profit. Still there is potential in local market because of its scope and size of market but still foreigners are taking advantage more than local one. For example, Rocket Internet that is German based VC have its more concerns in Pakistan e-commerce market as compare to local parties.

In the end, one can say that there is need for entire different approach to exploit full internet resources by locals in Pakistan.


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