Who Was The Second Prime Minister Of Pakistan

Do you want to know Who Was The Second Prime Minister Of Pakistan, we can give you this information. We know that and we have this information that Liaquat Ali Khan had been appointed as the first one Prime Minister of Pakistan, he was appointed by the Governor-General in the time of 1947. Then in the year of 1951, Liaquat Ali Khan had been and later on Khawaja Nazimuddin became the second prime minister of Pakistan. For the information, Prime Minister is actually the political leader of any country, he or she is the head of government of his or her own country. He has this responsibility that he has to nominate rest and remaining of the government members and also chairing cabinet.

Do you know that six of the further prime ministers, they served and worked as PM of Pakistan during the years of 1951 till the time of 1958 and it is true! Later on after 1958, this PM office had been dissolved right by this Iskander Mirza, at that time he was the president of Pakistan. Now we will talk about the duties and job roles which are performed by prime minister of any country.

Who Was The Second Prime Minister Of Pakistan

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He has this responsibility that he has to take all of the decisions, he has to create and devise policies. He has to carry out the appointment and hiring of government officials like that of members of the Cabinet. 

He, prime minister works and then serves as the head of the Cabinet and he remain to sit and be the part of several in number of Cabinet committees.  He manages and oversees, and he also organizes government departments and too their agencies.


He acts as a liaison right between the monarch and this government. He gives recommendations regarding hiring of candidates so that they can work for judicial bench. Any chosen prime minister, he should remain active and be the active member of House of Commons. He should be participating and should remain active in debates, he should be answering questions. This is all about Who Was The Second Prime Minister Of Pakistan. More of. the details on Prime Minister Of Pakistan will be shared with you so stay tuned and all connected with us.