Pakistan’s Potential Highlights 2015

Pakistan Could Be Potential Partner Of United States says Daniel Runde

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Pakistan’s Potential

The recent visit of Daniel Runde in Pakistan further explored the hidden potentials without considering the security lens any more. He is doing a well job in exploring the potentials of South-East Asia and many developing countries and tells the truth to the media about those realities that are almost ignoring by the international platform of news. (Runde, 2015)

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The policy makers of the United States even did not considered any aspect in any way because US saw no linkage of interest in Pakistan in 70 years of relationship. According to the explorer, the US only saw the Pakistan only as link through the security lens and have no interest in developing the relationship on other potential as Pakistan have. (Runde, 2015)

The Pakistan has not been considered as the strategic partner of United States since the inception of relation between these two partners. The Daniel Runder also amalgamates conditions and positions of today’s Pakistan with the Colombia back in 1990s. The conditions of Colombia at that time named as failed state at that time as mentioned before. (Runde, 2015)

The United State did not considered hidden potentials of Colombia at that time but now US realizes the potentials of country and alters the mindset about the country. The free trade agreement between United States and Colombia is now explored reality in this postmodern society. The country has now almost 3.5 per cent annual Gross Domestic Product growth and US endorse the potential of economy in country. Similarly, Pakistan is struggling with the media’ bad words of mouth about the Pakistan. (Runde, 2015)

Improved Security Dynamic in Pakistan

The first time in Pakistan, a major change in security in Pakistan is being considered now and these changes are explicit in national and international media. The after affects of December attack in Peshawar is now glaring through different security activities across the nation with several legal interventions. The ground operations in the North Waziristan is the biggest activity by the state wants a confidence of international and national investors now. (Runde, 2015)

The stable condition of Politics

The strategic alliance between the military and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is glaring now a day. The delivering peace and security through this strategic wing will provides the long-term benefits to the Pakistan if continue in same manner. The absence of non-aggressive approach from ruling party against sit-in is contributing in endorsement towards the alliance in actual state. (Runde, 2015)

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

The penetration of Chinese investment is another way that explored the hidden potentials of rising economic by improving the security of international project by the state-actors now with more reality approach. The first time china wants to invest in such a huge investment that is about $46 billion collectively of all projects under this investment plan. The economic relations with the neighboring countries are the light that wants to show the potentials of Pakistan and confidence for other investors. The businesses in Pakistan prefer to include the technology from United States, the creativity ways of managing the business’ operations, as well. (Runde, 2015)

Developmental prospective

In future, Pakistan can continue with the developments at working class as now a day. About sixty per cent of population represents as the working class in Pakistan as per the current figures. The Pakistan also acquired the positions as per the future data argues that Pakistan would be fastest urbanizing countries till 2050 if the population continue moving from rural to urban class as today. The urban areas at that time would reach at the enormous demand of food at first level, energy at second level, water at third level and even the consumer (national and international) goods at least level. (Runde, 2015)

The current economic reforms and sometime response is showing the demands of macroeconomic activities and infrastructure in coming days as well. The strengths of foreign reserves is about $17 billion with the stable GDP of 4.5 per cent along with the $14 billion in annual remittances and many more hidden aspects in economy are the ways that would liable o boast the future economy in Pakistan. At least level, US should think about the consistent credit rating that turns from negative to positives due to the actions in previous months. (Runde, 2015)

Furthermore, the poverty rate of reduction (from 35 per cent in 2002, to only 13.6 per cent in 2011) of last ten years also justified the arguments made by writer. The Pakistan is the world’s 26th largest economy in getting the power parity and coming days would further enhance this figure. The small medium enterprises would get the employee of 90 per cent of working class and it would be harbinger in the success of working class. The foreign direct investment (FDI) numbered about $1.45 billion in 2013 that was highest figure of transformation from last year. (Runde, 2015)

Coming Days

The coming days of Pakistan are as bright as Colombia is enjoying now a day because Pakistan now do not want things like traditional foreign aid from United States and have moved towards more diplomatic sense between relationships. The population of Pakistan is always looking for reform specifically in the water and energy sectors and the main reason behind the demand that it is being deprived from these things in realistic manner. (Runde, 2015)

The infrastructure development is the core need of entire population of the country. The Civil administration is looking for potential partners across the world that can develop long term relationship at several fronts so far. The United States should cash these hidden opportunities by announcing mega projects for the country because the future of the country is at stake. The U.S.- Pakistan Bilateral Investment Treaty as abbreviated as BIT is the known reality in terms of point of view with several reasons. (Runde, 2015)

There are reservations over the treaty from both sides but it could take in confidence as per the investor concerns about exploration of deeper investment opportunities as well. The policy and regulatory reform need to be discussed and should be exploit at USAID and Overseas Private Investment Corporations so that the further future prospective about the bilateral relationships could be explored in the defined way. The talks about the BIT between countries could be harbinger for both countries so far. (Runde, 2015)

The other thing to be shown over here is about the education and educational front is the biggest front now a day. according to runde, about 10,000 PhDs of U.S. would be soon acquire by Pakistani Universities and the main reason is the quality education perspective now a day in Pakistan. There are numerous educational opportunities are needed to be regulate at urban planning front at one level, public administration at second level and at the least grounds , there is a big reason of education that the agriculture sector so far. Generally speaking, science, technology engineering and mathematics are still agile fields of study in Pakistan. (Runde, 2015)

In the end, one can say that the runde’s conclusion about the relation between Pakistan and United States is acceptable at wide paradigm because United States only think Pakistan through the security lens and there is no further improvements of relationships any more than creates a biggest gap and this gap should acquire realistically. (Runde, 2015)

The basic level focus of U.S. should be at government level investment, true but the private level investments and their outcomes seems more profitable for United States. Pakistan is now showing some signs for rebuilding different sectors and these sectors should acquire understanding of United States deeply. Now, there are all factors found by becoming the strategic partner of United States and timely efforts to exploit these opportunities would be timely decision. (Runde, 2015)


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