Pakistan State And Non-State Actors List

As our soil has all the time been used for terrorism.But this kind of practise will not be happening now! We need to identify and highlight all of the state and non- state actors. By far, we have traced back many of the major militant attacks. But the main question is that have we done enough to control cross-border involvement? Is the question that our efforts enough to control the activities of banned outfits? The answer will be no! We have to get rid of all of the violent non-state actors. The have now become a pervasive challenge to our very state authority.

Pathankot airforce base terrorist attack and Mumbai terror attack

It is assumed that some non-state actors from Pakistan are involved in this Pathankot airforce base terrorist attack. This assumption has been made because of the past experiences. But Pakistan should be carrying on its investigations to highlight all of the state and non- state actors. Because these same militant groups have also killed thousands of Pakistanis. That 2008 mistake should not at all be repeated now. A comprehensive kind of investigation should be carried out by us. We should be giving up extensive details to let people who are involved in the planning of the Mumbai and Pathankot airforce base terror attack.

List of Pakistan State and Non-State Actors


So far we have not gained some  conclusive evidence that this group is involved in the Pathankot air force base attack. This militant group was banned in the time of 2002. Later on, we saw that JeM broke up into much smaller units. These units got directly linked to Al Qaeda and also with the Afghan Taliban. It was also proved that JeM was found in the Lal Masjid issue.

Al Qaeda and Afghan Taliban

Disturbance created by Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan directly affect the peace of Pakistan. Many of the banned militant organizations in Pakistan are linked with Al Qaeda like that of TTP.

Masood Azhar

He has also been reportedly involved in many of the `nonmilitant activities;. His hometown is in Bahawalpur. After his long hibernation, he was resurfaced by the JeM leader in the year  2013. It is also said many of the times that Masood Azhar is now no longer responsible for any of the terrorist actions.

My View

It is a fact that these jihadi networks have now been going completely out of control. All of these non-state actors have been threatening our sovereignty. It is the high time that these non- state actors should be stopped. There has to be a normalisation process between both of these countries. Indian and Pakistan should be coming up with a sensible and also a cooperative approach to devastate the designs of these terrorists.


DAWN Newspaper 09/01/2016