Honour Killings In Pakistan Society

We as a Pakistan pay a big congratulations to Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy as she has earned an Oscar nomination for making a documentary showing honour killing practice. She has well demonstrated this practise by coming up with a video named as “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness,”. This documentary of her has been nominated at the Academy Awards. It is a fact that thousands of women are murdered in Pakistan by their relatives. They are actually murdered on the basis of their defending family “honour”.

Why Honor Killings In Pakistan Society is practised?

It is a sad fact that we have controversial kind of Islamic blood money laws in Pakistan. Because of these male murderers in our society have all the time been pardoned by their own relatives. These laws let all of the murderers to escape their punishment easily. This documentary portraying “Honour killings as the theme of the film clearly shows us those segments of our Pakistani society that support this honour killing.


  • We should be bringing up appropriate and proper legislation to get rid of this practise.
  • Even Chinoy’s “insights” about this practise might be helpful for all of us.
  • The prime minister of Pakistan should now be making a strong commitment eradicating this evil from our society.
  • It is the time that we have to keep on pushing all the politicians so that that can pass this anti honour crime bill as soon as possible. A joint session is the need of the hour. This bill has all the time been lapsed in parliament. It should be passed now.
  • Chinoy was already the winner of Oscar because of the documentary “Saving Face”. It was a 40-minute documentary. These kinds of documentaries should be made on a frequent basis so that these horrors can be exposed to the society.
  • Women should also raise their voices. They should not be now enduring these acid attacks.

My View

Acid attacks are hundreds in number and they are reported each and every year. We should be improving now women’s rights in our country Pakistan. We should not be treating women just as second-class citizens of our society. The process of legislation needs to be done so that women can also contest their cases. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy ’s documentary, being one of the best five documentaries has done a tremendous work. It has given us awareness. Pakistan should be acknowledgigng and identifying honour killing as a major problem. it has to be addressed right away.

We should now understand that there is no honour while doing an honour killing. It is time to eliminate this heinous kind of crime from our culture. Let women live in peace and pay respect to their rights.