Ethnic Issues, National Integration In Pakistan

There are three pillars of ethnicity generally and groups in Pakistan are differentiating each other on these basis. The first base is racial base. Each group in Pakistan has its own characteristics of race and think about domination of his race more than other. Further, Cultural element is another element that is creating issues related with ethnicity within Pakistan.

Third one and most important and practical is historical characteristics. These three elements are different and considered their own importance within Pakistan with different successful paradigm. These three aspects cane share different activities with one another because all ethnic groups in Pakistan have shared database with immediate effects.

Ethnic Issues In Pakistan

The language is first common thing among all ethnic groups in Pakistan along with common religion, political and economic thinking. The first and foremost element as history told us isĀ  economic disparities. The mindset is biggest and important one that can consider economy at first stage. While living in heterogeneous society, the major element is about way of living and behaving with economy.

Ethnic Issues, National Integration In Pakistan

When Government of Pakistan made a policy and considered boasting element of economy in it then inferior ethnic group n nation starts feeling threatening from dominating because they are living in heterogeneous society. It is not so easy to create such situation by announcing new economy policy in Pakistan. It can only happen in Pakistan when Government did not show any relaxation towards hard feelings of inferior groups.

The socio-economic justice is a way that can create relaxation in general terms. Whenever Government of Pakistan and other administrative bodies initiate such policy that can create far away root from basic necessities then inferior ethnic group can feel issues within Pakistan. The next issue that can create ethnic conflict in Pakistan is somehow that is not under control of nation and that is modernization. The speedy development of modernization is creating issues for such society that is example of its own.

The uneven development of ethnicity under modernization is creating ethnicĀ  conflict with in Pakistan. The sense of nationalization is basically never regarded as good in Pakistan. There is consistent gap analysis is going among ethnic groups that what they deserve and what they receive. This is something major issue causing ethnic issues or conflicts in society.

The only workable solution under such circumstances within Pakistan can control through Islamic traditions. Islamic way of dealing with on another is only required step to create and enhance brotherhood at community level. Social needs and economic requirements can resolve through Islamic way of dealing with ethnic groups in such society that is prevailing n Pakistan.

There is strong need to realize real strength in Pakistan and boast internal society at several fronts. If Pakistan would get satisfaction level at ethnic aspect then there would not chances of anything against its dignity anymore.


Ayesha Shehzad: The Issue of Ethnicity in Pakistan: Historical Background