Decision Of Pakistan After 9/11

The decision of then administrative mindset when issue of 9/11 was at rise actually has endorsed Pakistan’s partnership with America in war of terror. The Pakistan directly and indirectly effect ideological thinking of region considerably. The decision was so because the United States stance was just to become a crackdown force over Jihadist elements as much as possible.

The position of jihadists was big enough under Musharraf regime. The media has covered scoop with same pace and Pakistani society was in real tensions. The only support and media coverage was there because US-led coalition in Afghanistan with full support of Pakistan.

There are many issues and activities related with jihadist groups because they are not just fighters for cause. They are always ready for martyrdom and result of brain washing. Some of militants also claimed that military links are there between them and support them.

The direct interaction of Jihadist groups revealed that Pakistan’s condition in America’s war of terror against Afghanistan was not a timely decision. The slow approach against militants would better instead. The solution seems logical because Jihad is mindset used by them who did not know anything about real Islam. This could be done by more teaching less weapon only.

Taliban was mindset to see dominance of Islam but following Islamic thoughts was not agenda. This was real sign that Islam was just use by them to get support from civil society and not more than that. This simple myth can change chapters of history and can clear position of Pakistan in region.

Further, same kind of so called Islamic teaching was produced by Islamic Madrassas and teaching centers located in Pakistan. There are small evidences to hide nexus between Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan and Militants before and even during war on terror indeed. There are two stories of events of war on terror for Pakistan.

One that is official and other that is still behind the curtains. The stakes of different countries in Pakistan hide those realities but those realities are still there and needs exploration. The condition was not good for Musharraf himself because he got about 6 attacks some major one since 12 September 2001. This was time when Pakistan has decided to go with the United States against so called Islamic militancy after  9/11. The era was raise of Islamist extremists and decision of Pakistan was not seems any good for long run as now a day it has proved.