Civil-Military Relations In Pakistan

The way that is missing in Pakistan political system is disconnect between political and electoral foundation. The only manifesto of civil-military mindset over here is to establish peace and increase peace establishing activities from general aspect. Now a day such peace keeping activities are explicit now a day. The first example was deployment of forces for ECP election.

Civil-Military Relations In Pakistan

The ECP related activities are connected with civil matter in Pakistan.  These kinds of activities are being monitored by civil administration of Pakistan. But these protective aspects are not possible without best relation and coordination between military and civil administration of Pakistan. The establishments of military courts are related with best way of managing things and activities that are associated with rule of law and its best implementation in best aspect.

Civil-Military Relations In Pakistan

The Pakistan-China economic route is another example of same things that is entirely related with best way of collaboration between civil and military administration. The route is not possible unless China have some confidence from military institutions’ that should be liable for security division of route in real manner. The recent oppression between civil and military administration was observed when both comes face to face for military courts.

There are many segments within political framework that are against military court and other are towards it. Apart from this, collaboration of military and civil administration in route configuration there is admirable role. The visits of Chinese members associated with route are firm decision with best investment and ways related with coordinated efforts by civil-military leadership.

The creation of special unit with help of military and paramilitary bodies is best in recognition and showed with paved requirements and regulations. The only issue lies between civil and military collaboration is lack of priority in any sense. Both have their own stakes and for national interest of course but results are slow for national agenda as observed.

For example, in 2015 April, high level meetings between military and political leadership upon Yemen crises but still there is no one that is related with single selected agenda of national interest. These figures and observations further becomes reality in media reports. Whenever media buzzed upon such kind of civil and military relation in Pakistan then international mindset just never assured thinking to grow and represents in defining and implementing policy related with functional approach.

The collective thinking has showed best one in defining protection at national and international level and behaves with national strategies interest in country in detail. Lastly, one would like to say that whatever condition out there civil and military relation in Pakistan depends upon global security environment in ideal aspect with no threat to loss any clause in national interest level game.