Biometric Voting Election System In Pakistan

Currently, we have been having a deadlock over the issue of buying of that hardware security module (HSM). This the hardware security module has to be installed in each and every biometric verification machine. After installation, offline data of all of the voters will be stored in it. But so far, not a single possible solution has been given with regard to this installation.

Why Biometric Voting System is important In Pakistan?

National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) is of this belief that this international standard HSM installation in each and every machine will bring positive changes in our voting system. It will also make sure that the  encrypted data remains safe and sound in case of theft by the cyber- terrorists. At the same time, The Ministry of Information Technology wants this  job done by the help of private vendors. A meeting with regard to the parliamentary electoral reforms committee was recently conducted. Experts have so far proposed an increased cost from $200 to $2000 if this module will be installed biometric verification machine.

My View

As we know that we are just two and a half years away from new elections. We should not be making any haste and need to complete this process of having biometric verification machine in a better way. There is a need of a timeframe so that we can let people regard to the completion of this task. With the completion of this task, it will for sure have a durable impact on the entire electoral processes. All of the constitutional amendments as well as controversial amendments should be considered. Conflicts between The Ministry of Information Technology  and National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) should be sorted out.

We hope that in the next general elections, we might be able to see wide use of electronic voting machines. Hopefully, we will be able to see te use of this biometric verification system. We also agree with this though of PTI that overseas Pakistanis should also be given the right to vote. But the Government of Pakistan has stated so that postal ballot and also televoting has failed to get desired results in the past. We need to carry out more test and experiments so that tele voting can also be carried out in our country. Now any system introduced which is embedded with any kind of corrupt practice should be eradicated right away.