Afghanistan Stability Means Pakistan Stability

It has been reported recently the Regional security experts from Afghanistan and Pakistan has asked the leaders not to give any kinds of statements that come out to be detrimental for their relations. Regional security experts have made a request for the countries leaders to understand the situation. Chairman Foreign Relations Committee, Mr. Awais Laghari and Chairman Senate`s Standing Committee on Finance, Senator Saleem Mandviwalla and also Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP) lawmaker Mehmood Khan Achakzai were there in that meeting while these views were being exchanged.

`Beyond Boundaries` initiative launched by the Center of Research and Security Studies (CRSS)

Initiative named as `Beyond Boundaries` has been launched by the Center of Research and Security Studies (CRSS) while having a partnership with its Afghan counterpart organisation, DURAN Research and Analysis (DRA). This initiative has a  sub-national partner (Pakistan). The purpose behind this initiative is to have Pakistan- Afghanistan Track 1.5/II dialogue so that Pakistan and Afghanistan relations can be improved in a better way.

How to make `Beyond Boundaries a successful initiative?

  • Civil society and also parliament democratic institutions should be playing their due role in strengthening the relations of both of these two countries.
  • It is a fact that Afghanistan cannot at all be seen as an established state without a stable Pakistan. As Pakistan will not be allowing any kind of terrorism in Afghanistan so it is the need that both the countries should be on the same page.
  • Afghanistan has been our brotherly country, Pakistan has never called it as a foreign country. So if both of the countries come across any kinds of issues which are of bilateral nature, then they should be solved by both the countries leadership.
  • We need to highlight the issues of transit trade that occurs between Afghanistan and Pakistan, they have to be sort out. If facilitation of honest traders will be carried on, then this issue might not emerge next time.
  • We also have an issue of narrative on both sides of Pakistan and Afghanistan, this narrative should now be handle in a correct way.

My View

We should be having a cordial and also friendly relations with Afghanistan. A sense of ownership is needed from both the countries. If political and military leadership will be united, then their resolve might give us some positive results. We need to sit down and work together. We have to now ignore this fact where both the countries have gone wrong. This fact should now be understood by both the countries that a stable Pakistan means a stable Afghanistan.


DAWN Newspaper 12/01/2016

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