The Mentalist Theory of Language Learning By Noam Chomsky

Presented by Noam Chomsky in 1959 Chomsky argued that study of animal behavior in laboratory condition show nothing about how human beings learn language in natural conditions. The Mentalist Theory Chomsky stressed active contribution of the child and minimized the importance of imitation and reinforcement Chomsky in “Review of verbal behaviour’ 1959 criticized the Behaviorists … Read more

Packaging and Customer Satisfaction

The era of marketing is being observed by the global businesses now a day and it will continue in the long run as well because of its effectiveness. in attracting the customer as much as owner of the business invest to. The packaging is the important aspects in getting the customer attraction in first run. Many argues that the packaging is the thing that can create the mindset at consumer level so it can explain that how the product is going to behave with the attitudes of the consumer ate large scale. The attraction is all about making the branding as the marketing managers are looking for.

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