Pakistani Culture Of Writing

It was once said by an American financial journalist CAROL Loomis, who worked as a senior editor for Fortune magazine that Writing itself will make you realize whenever there will be holes in your thinking. She further said that this analysis part which is present in you keeps on kicking you whenever you want to construct something in your mind. This kind of thinking should also be present in our education system. But it is quite absent in this environment. We need to recognize this way of thinking.

How Pakistani Culture Of Writing can be improved?

  • We should by now understand the link and connection between language and communication.
  • We should be realising that how we can articulate and comprehend our thoughts in an accurate way.
  • Our education system should be designed in such a way so that it can inculcate critical kind of thinking in all of our students.
  • Our educators like to be in their comfort zone all the time. They make students think less and question less. This kind of approach should be eradicated.
  • Right now we are moving away from this culture of writing. The internet and also television can now be called as our worst enemies, they have made writing avoidable.
  • Plagiarism has now become quite common and institutions of higher education should be highlighting this deficiency specifically now.

My view

The School of Writing in Karachi, founded in 2010 can be a learning lesson for all of us. TSW actually  reached out to 2000 students. They managed to engage 500 teachers in their training programmes. They addressed some of the particular kinds of writing needs of students and also for the professionals. Even we see in these English medium schools where students are encouraged to opt the skills of copy pasting from the use of Internet. The IBA has now set up the Ardeshir Cowasjee Centre for Writing. It is the centre to facilitate the academic writing so that copy pasting habit can be avoided.

Even if it is English or Urdu language, we have to understand this fact to learn a language, we have to learn some basics. But these basics seems to be missing in Pakistan. Availability of proficient teachers is the need of the hour so that English and Urdu writing can be facilitated. It is true that a person`s confidence lies in writing and expressing as best illustrated in Zubair Torwali`s written book Muffled Voices.


DAWN Newspaper 09/01/2016