How To Write A Perfect Professional Email At Job

Email is an important business communication tool. In fact, email is an electronic, computer-associated online communication too. It allows you to communicate with people and transfer files from one place to another rapidly. Email is communication at the click of a button and a speedy system all in one.

Email Writing

Always focus writing to assist readers. Be conscious in the usage of acronyms. Knowing the audience. Appropriateness of language, content and tone.

Email Writing


The format of business email is very similar to that of business memo. But, the communication role of business email goes beyond that of a memo. It works both as internal and an external method of communication

Formatting elements are:

  • Heading
  • Body
  • Signature block
  • Salutation
  • Complimentary close

Writing tips

The fundamental writing tips are

  • clear concise and polite writing
  • Short and simple sentences
  • Strong Verbs
  • avoiding unnecessary repetition
  • Usage of bullet points
  • Use paragraphs (5 sentences each)
  • Providing important dates or references


Heading generally consists of six different information fields

To: (recipient’s email address)

From: (writers email address)

CC: (stands for carbon copy)

BCC: (stands for blind carbon copy)

Date: Doesn’t always line up on the left hand side, with other field)

Subject: (needs to be precise and brief)


Email programs automatically format the body in single spaced, full block just scan the text because online readers often just scan the text. Business email should sent in plain text

Signature block

It sup[plies the contact information belonging to the sender. Do not include pictures, quotes and animations in this block.

Salutations and complimentary closes

Use formal expressions such as:

Dear Ms.

Yours sincerely are suitable for letter style business emails addressed to individuals with whom writer is unfamiliar often, written after the protocols of an initial context have been observed.