Chapter 2 How To Create Affirmations For Your Own

Chapter 2 How To Create Affirmations For Your Own

It is easy to create the affirmations for your own but only when you realized that how it should be create in the possible way out. The effective affirmations always a goal-centric. Most of the important in creating the affirmations for your own is to find the quiet place where no one except you in the world of feelings. The quiet place is going to improve your self-esteem according to the situation. The first step is the critic about yourself means you have to write one negative thing about your personality and one positive thing which you like of yours. A person who has many negatives things and made many mistakes in the previous life can write it down. Further, he can mention that he is capable enough and experienced enough that new hurdle has minimum and no effect at all. The negative thing that he may make mistakes but the good thing that he is experienced enough to handle the situation on its own. The short affirmations always recommended in terms of the objective achievement. Many objectives may help to gain the big goal in life. Further, many objectives when achieved according to the affirmations also recommended in terms of goal settings and goal realization. The right thing is to memorize, recite and speak affirmations

How often to use/speak/recite affirmations

Affirmation is a term used to describe appreciation and action of affirming something. Affirmations are the magic words that could have significant results or even result in success. Everyone use such words to motivate and affirming someone in daily routine. People often use affirmations in different relations, the most common example of such relation is the relation between manager and his or her team member. The frequency of using the affirmation depends upon the results produced by affirmations made previously. In general people try to repeat affirmative words to generate results and sometimes a same word generate results again and again. The repetition of affirmative words not only depend upon the nature of the person delivering the affirmation but also depends upon the outcome of the affirmation.

There is also a concept used in the studies of affirmation and motivation which is self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis deals with human’s behavior based on the thinking and mood. The connection of affirmation and self-hypnosis is strong as the overall reaction and results of affirmations depends upon human thinking and mood, so the psychological factor is great in affirming someone and producing required results. The results produced by affirmation usually depend upon different factors that affect human phycology are significant in understanding the concept of affirmation and how often it is used.

We will discuss using the employee and organization’s relationship. Motivation management is essential to the success and growth of an organization. As affirmative strategies contain actions of the organization’s management that help the organization to boost revenues, increase profits and improve productivity. Motivation management includes three stages that are a formulation of employee motivation strategy, implementing the motivational strategy, and obtaining the results. The most important stage of motivation management is implementation stage. It is generally considering as the most critical stage in the motivation management. There are people trying to repeat affirmative words to generate results, and sometimes the same word generates results again and again. Its success depends on the ability of the managers as for how they motivate the employees to implement the formulated strategy effectively. Most of us use affirmation to produce specific results from the person to whom we are making the affirmation. The repetition of affirmative words not only depend upon the nature of the person delivering the affirmation but also depends upon the outcome of the affirmation. Often people use different affirmations in different circumstances and obtain the specific outcome. As discussed above the frequency of using the affirmation depends upon the results produced by affirmations made previously.

Further, there are different skills used to express or communicate affirmative words. Written skills are widely used to communicate the affirmations and vary according to particular circumstances a subject matter. So, from the discussion above it can be concluded that the frequency of affirmations not only depends upon the circumstances but also varies in line with the mindset of subject matter or person to whom it is delivered.

Life Time Challenges in using them

Affirmations are part of life and are an integral part which is necessary to use in order to produce results or motivating an individual. Expressing the positive feedback of work not always too easy as it seems as there are some fundamental and psychological factors that limit affirmations. In addition to this, there are cultural differences which also put limits on the overall process of affirmation communication. Some people find it very difficult to express affirmation in an effective and result oriented manner, but some are very good at motivating people either their employees, subordinates or even peers. For most of the people it is very difficult to understand the mindset of the individual to whom the first person was communicating affirmative words.

Understanding the thing which actually motivates someone is the key as it produces required results otherwise the affirmation would be ineffective. Communicating the affirmative words is not a big problem for someone, but the way they communicate is the key as it has the great impact on the other person. So the affirmation is only challenging form an individual if he has weak communication skills or does not understand the mindset of another person. People with great communication skills especially verbal communication skills find it very easy to affirm others. The process of affirmation is not much difficult in itself but the characteristics contained by individual makes affirmation easy or challenging for them. Another factor which has the great impact on the overall process of affirmation is the method or way, the communication channel used in the process.

There are different methods used to affirm someone and which could be used by people who find affirmation challenging. Understanding the thing which actually motivates someone is the key as it produces required results otherwise the affirmation would be ineffective. Most commonly used method is verbal and written affirmation delivered by someone. Also these two ways seem more effective ways. The level of difficulty and challenge is largely influenced by the methods used to affirm an individual. The concept of self-hypnosis is also applicable in determining the level of difficulty of affirming someone. Self-hypnosis deals with human’s behavior based on the thinking and mood. The connection of affirmation and self-hypnosis is strong as the overall reaction and results of affirmations depends upon human’s thinking and mood. Although it helps in understanding the difficulty or challenging aspects of affirmation it does not provide.

Chapter 2 How To Create Affirmations For Your Own

Affirmations How To Use Them And Why They Work

Affirmation usually seems tough in different circumstances and influenced by individual’s internal thinking. People with effective communication skills and knows how to produce results using magic words find it really easy. On the other hand, people with poor communication skills and followers of power culture usually finds it’s very difficult to affirm someone. As discussed above for most of the people it is very difficult to understand the mindset of the individual to whom the first person was communicating affirmative words.

The selection of the positive affirmation is not all work done. The real challenge 99 percent are common and natural to occur in life on the repetitive basis. Positive affirmation requires the routine aspects of the simple part of life. The latest challenges trending in society is all about the way of positive affirmations which leads to confidence, personal empowerment, and acceptance way out to deal with the  issues. Every thought you think is known as the power of affirmation, and there are challenges in the thinking process. The emotional outlook and attitude face challenges as per the actions of individuals. The act of speaking itself create challenges as per the physiological way out with interlink the neurological responses from the cultural aspect.

Thoughts and actions both align with the recognition to show the responses after challenge occurs. The first impression after any challenge occurred within the life. All is well in my life is an expression which negates any life challenge. The feelings after facing the challenge are all about the mirror which relates to the life as per the change aspect. The inspiration after resolved  challenges in life maintains through the value addition. The normal reaction after finding the controlled situation show that how everything is best as per the relation factor to know about the affirmation and its creation.

When Should You Use Positive Affirmations?

As positive affirmations are the favorable and motivating statements that encourage the individuals and improve its performance and confidence level. So, it’s beneficial to use the positive affirmations when the person is under stress and facing the low confidence and self-esteem issue. At that time the positive affirmation boost the person’s confidence and self-esteem and reduce its stress and depression because studies reveal the fact that affirmation is used as the stress releaser. The positive affirmations is not only used to motivate and encourage other persons it also used by the person itself to improve their own confidence. In self-affirmation the person must recall its skills and positive points that raise its self-confidence and encourage them. By this way the performance of the persons will be improved.

When a person want to achieve something and set goals like they want to quit smoking and want to increase productivity then positive affirmation is very useful as it. For this the person will design the list of their objectives or the risky self-perceptions that they desire to change. After making the list the person recall its qualities and the past experience in which they meet the challenging task effectively. This positive affirmation enhance the motivation level of the person and raise its self-confidence and they said to itself that they can do it and most achieve the set goals. The positive affirmation modify the manner by which the persons think and ensure the best outcome if applied efficiently. When the persons feel low and suffering from the depression the affirmation help them to feel positive and reduce their stress.

The positive energy of the affirmations always recommended to review the performance as per the changes which have significance in the life. Every change in the life of a person depends upon the selection of the positive affirmation and the negation of the negative aspect. It is also an utmost reality that affirmations although they are positive not always work in positive way for every individual. Instead every individual has its own way of thinking which shows his centralized positive energy as per the program thinking aspect. The ability to program your mind always recommended in terms of the affirmation to retain the information as long as possible. Every character in the life always recommended as per the need assessment. The positive affirmation is that which feels compatible with your mind. Your positive way of thinking never halted by selecting your affirmation in the long run. The positive and negative aspects of the affirmation remain attach with the mind-blowing effort as per the need assessment.

The demanding nature of the affirmation also considerably work because it is something which is really not all about the fantasy. For example, watching a movie can trigger your emotion and attach your mind with that character. Therefore everyone can feels emotions whenever he saw the feelings as per the need. The crying means your mind is there in full control. The laugh and crying emotions in your mind reflect such control.

The grandfather of the self psychology is going to consider that how every fear of failure many reflect as per the conscious and unconscious mindset. The reinforcement throughout the life always recommended as the unwholesome statements which remain stay in touch. Heinz Kohut has pondered  that there are possible scenario to review the individual performance. Affirmations can help out in setting these emotions as necessary as important. The overestimation of the risk is remain a positive viewpoint where every situation is possible situation and it remained as the opportunity to gain the access. The emotional equivalent view is also presentable about every change which covered as thoughts.

What time of the day should I use affirmations?

Affirmations are helpful to lower the stress and reduce the depression level. Affirmations are considered as the motivational support for the persons who get frustrated from their daily routine, or who wants to face challenges in their life. Affirmations do not work if a person does not make them an important part of his life. A person needs to explore all the ways for motivating himself through affirmations. There are two major factors that back the successful affirmations. These factors include the time of the day at which affirmations are recalled, and in which situation these affirmations are recalled.

The selection of time for affirmations is very necessary. People mostly choose the daytime because at daytime, their minds are fresh and they can easily utilize their mind powers to absorb good words. The interpretation of affirmations demands a fresh mind. Nevertheless, we cannot say that the daytime is always the right tie to recall affirmations. Some people have ongoing tensions stress, and they even do not feel fresh at the daytime. Therefore affirmations do not work in such conditions. The best time of the day to recall affirmation is when a person feels he is free from all his works and he is ready to realize that he is worthy of this world. At that time, the person will automatically feel motivated, and he will absorb the words quickly.

Furthermore, the situations play an important role to recall affirmations. For instance, if you are going for an interview and you think that you are overburdened with stress, you should recall affirmations at that time because it would best serve the purpose. The stress factor is related to the mind, and when you recall something positive in a tense situation, your mind will divert towards positive things, and it will automatically reduce the level of stress. Therefore, it can be concluded that affirmations bring positivity to life and they should be recalled whenever you feel depressed and also when you need to maximize your motivational level with limited support.


It is complex to filter the negative and positive qualities, but it is so easy with the selection of affirmations. These positive sentences remain to link the peers, siblings, and parents as the humanistic approach. If affirmations are accurate, then it is not positive gesture to ignore such feelings in the long run. Recurring belief has the full approach to know that how it would be possible to remain interlink about the unworthy shifting with respect to the life. The idea is to write down the affirmations and focus on selection for every affirmation as the way out to get the success important in severe competition in the market. The recurring belief notice about the positivism of the affirmation which negates any negativity in mind is also a composed approach. The comparison between the negative and positive judgment remains as one of the finest approaches. The element of the negative self-judgment has many flaws and these flaws filter with the positivism. The self-judgment is important because discourse analysis of the personality explore new horizons to achieve in selecting and implementing the selected affirmations in life. The flaw in the life covers up with such fact because it is all about the remarkable and cherished moment in one life to select the affirmation.