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Karachi Grammar School Admission Fees

If you want to have details on Karachi grammar school admission fees then here you are! The first option is to visit their admission office, from this office you can have complete information and all detailing on their fee structure. It is normally seen that for their 7th class, their monthly fees is rs 19500. You should know that this school has been right there located and situated at the three sites, the original one school branch is located and all situated in Saddar, this located is called as the heart of city of Karachi. This is the heritage building of this school and it now houses and consist of these Classes VII, VIII and also IX. Then it has this branch of Clifton, this building was opened in the year of 1991, here in this clifton branch, children from the classes of Nursery to Class VI, they are being taught over here/

If we talk about the newest and latest premises of this Karachi grammar school then they were opened in the year of 1999, and these branches houses and consist of classes of O and A-levels. It is one of the independent schools and it has not been receiving and getting any of the grant from the Sindh government.

Karachi Grammar School Admission Fees

This Karachi grammar school has been controlled by the Board of Governors and this school has too been registered right under this Societies Registration Act of 1860. It was in the time of 1840 that Sir Charles Napier made a arrival in Karachi and he was the one who laid down the foundation so that economic and also cultural developments can be carried out in this city of Karachi. Then in the year of 1847, it was Rev. H. Brereton who was the first Chaplain of city of Karachi and he starts and initiate a class right from KGS.


You can keep in touch and all the time stay connected with us so that we can give all current information on Karachi grammar school admission fees to the readers out there. It is on this per year basis that this school revise and update its monthly fees. It is quite a well reputed school and an institution and its teaching and learning structures have been getting more and more improved and getting better now.


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